Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy on Abuse towards Officers and Staff


At Roehampton Students’ Union we represent, support, and develop students from all backgrounds at Roehampton and enable them to have the best possible university experience. This is our Mission.


Our team of people are crucial to us providing services and support to students.

To meet their responsibilities to students and fellow colleagues, they deserve to work in a safe environment free from verbal or physical abuse.

RSU reserves the right to withdraw service and ask students, staff, contractors, or visitors to leave physical (and virtual) spaces immediately if any of the following take place (non-exhaustive) list.

·    Swearing
·    Threatening behaviour
·    Shouting
·    Harassment
·    Verbal (and physical) abuse
·    Violence
Anyone displaying any of these behaviours and asked to leave may be subject to the students’ union, and university disciplinary procedures.
We look forward to supporting you in our physical and virtual spaces.
Thank you