International Students

How to open a UK Bank Account

To open a UK Bank Account you will need to provide evidence of a course of 6 months or more. The British Bankers Association website has a very useful table of the main UK Banks and what they offer International Students.


Who Counts as a Full-time Student?

A full-time student is anyone who is enrolled on a course of education that last for at least one Academic Year and involves study, tuition or work experience for at least 21 hours per week. You are treated as being a full-time student from the date you start your course until the day you complete, abandon or are dismissed from your course, including all the vacations between these dates.


I am a full-time Student but I live with people who are not full-time students – am I liable to council tax?

If you are living with other adults who are not full-time students and are not part of your family, then the property will be liable for Council Tax. However, you will not be liable for that bill and therefore should not have to contribute to it. If you are all students, you are exempt from council tax.


TV Licences

Everyone who uses a television set, video recorder or computer which is capable of receiving authorised broadcast programmes (that is, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, cable or satellite) needs a television licence.  Since April 2004, even international students who only watch overseas broadcasts need a television licence.

TV Licences cost £145.50 (colour), £49.00 (black & white) per year. Licences can be bought online in full or by Direct Debit and by telephone. You may get a refund if you go home for the summer.

Further TV Licence information.


The National Health Service (NHS)

If you are studying on a course for six months or more, than you and your dependents will be entitled to full NHS treatment. This means that you can register with a Doctor (GP) and receive free hospital treatment.

If you are studying on a course for less than six months, then you and your dependents will not be entitled to full NHS treatment unless that is, your Country has an agreement with the UK. Please check the UKCISA website for more information. 

European Economic Area Nationals will qualify for full NHS treatment even if they are here for less than six months if they have either filled in form E111 (EHIC from January 2006) in their country or brought their European Health Insurance card with them to the UK. 


What do I do if I do not qualify for NHS Treatment? 

If you do not qualify for NHS treatment we strongly advise you to take out medical insurance for the duration of your visit to the UK. If you have medical insurance in your own country, check whether you can extend it to cover your stay in the UK. Otherwise, you will need to contact Insurance Companies in the UK to find suitable cover. 


How do I register with a GP?

To register with a GP you need to contact the student medical centre or visit the local GP Surgery, taking evidence that you are a student. You will then be sent a Medical Card with your NHS number. Details of GP’s in Roehampton can be obtained either from the Information Centre or Student Union or searching online. Alternatively, contact NHS Choices.


Do I need to pay for NHS treatment?

Visiting a GP is usually free, however, if you are prescribed any medicine, then you will need to pay a standard charge for this, (currently £7.20). You may, however, qualify for free prescriptions and help towards other NHS treatment such as Dental and Optical charges, depending on your income. Fill in form HC1 available from the Student Advice Centre to see if you qualify.