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RSU Awards

The RSU Awards is our way of acknowledging all of the hard work put in by students throughout the academic year.

It's a chance to celebrate students, societies, reps and staff achievements.

This has been an extremely challenging year for everyone, so please take the time to submit your friends, peers and colleagues who you feel deserve one of the awards below.

Submit Your Nomination Here - Nominations Close Tuesday 22nd June

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The Awards


The Paul and Pilar O’Prey Society of the Year

This is awarded to the society that has high levels of participation from its members across the year. They will have organised a wide range of events (pandemic permitting), have a good working relationship with the SU and also had good feedback from its members. However, the biggest result would be the positive impact they have made on the student experience.


Best Society Adaptation to Covid-19 Restrictions

In recognition of the severe challenges this year has brought, we are keen to recognise and congratulate the societies that have gone above and beyond to continue creating activities and events for their members. Therefore, for this year only, we have brought in this award to recognise the societies who have worked hard throughout this pandemic.


Best New Society of the Year

Running a society this year has been no small feat and starting a new one has been perhaps an even bigger challenge. The Best New Society should be one that has taken the opportunity to adapt and grow their society in an online world and build a solid foundation to work with in future years back on campus. 


Best Society Committee Member of the Year

Awarded to any elected individual involved in a society for doing activities beyond normal expectations, having excellent teamwork and communication skills and going out of their way to develop the activities of the society.

If a non-committee member applies, they will need to have demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm about the society and also invigorated and influenced the committee from the outside. They should have a positive, supportive and enthusiastic attitude.

In accordance to the rules, the individual must be a full-time or part-time student here at the University of Roehampton and have signed up as a member of the society online at the time of application.


Best Virtual Student Event of the Year

While all our events have been virtual over this year, here we want to recognise the best student event which has been created by any member of the student body for the benefit of students during these difficult periods.

These students have shown strong leadership skills in bringing the student community together. They have engaged with peers online, supported them and provided opportunities for others to socialise and feel part of a community.

This award is for an individual or group of individuals who have put efforts into community engagement by being an active student. This can be through being a course rep, member of a society, sports member or a volunteer in the community.

The only requirements for this award are that they must be registered students of the University of Roehampton, and have created and run the event voluntarily without payment.

If you know a student or group of students who has made an effort to engage and support others, nominate them for this award.


Best Virtual Society Event of the Year

Following on from the above, this award is as stated above but being run as part of the society itself.


Chicken Volunteer of the Year Award

Nominate a Growhampton volunteer who has shown exceptional commitment and dedication towards caring for the Growhampton chickens this past academic year.


Growhampton Volunteer of the Year Award

Nominate a Growhampton volunteer that has shown outstanding commitment towards the Growhampton Project and or its Edible Campus.


Programme Rep of the Year

Programme Reps are vital at Roehampton by ensuring students have their voice heard by shaping their own degree. This award goes to an undergraduate Programme Rep who has gone the extra mile to represent their fellow course members throughout the year.


Department Rep of the Year

Department Reps are vital at Roehampton in helping Programme Reps get their voice heard. They communicate with the Department and gather feedback to create positive change at Roehampton. This award goes to a Department Rep who has gone the extra mile to represent their Department and support their Programme Reps throughout the year.


Part-Time Officer of the Year

This award goes to one of the Students' Union Part-Time Officers who have developed in their role as much as they could, running campaigns, creating events and representing students to the best of their ability (pandemic permitting). The criteria are as follows:

  • The officer must have been elected into the role by the student body.
  • There must be evidence of the work the Part-Time Officer did, and what their involvement was.
  • They would have attended at least 75% of SUC meetings.

Awarded for showing good leadership, willingness to learn, organisation, teamwork, reliability and adaption to difficult situations


RSU Prizes for Outstanding Impact: Staff

While teaching has looked different this year, we know that there are lots of staff members going above and beyond for students at Roehampton.

This could be a lecturer, a mentor, someone from a professional service, an advisor that helped you in some way, or any staff member who has had an impact on you this year.

This is your chance to say thank you if there’s someone that has had a great impact on your time this year, and celebrate any staff member you think needs recognising.


RSU Prizes for Outstanding Impact: Students

This year has been the most difficult in recent memory for many students.

We’ve heard plenty about students helping each other out during the pandemic. Whether with studies, social activities, within their own community internally or externally or something as simple as being there for each other when needed.

These awards are given to those who have helped you in some way this year, no matter how big or small. We want to recognise those students who have made a difference to your or someone else’s time during the Covid-19 pandemic.