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 Societies are an ideal way to meet people, get more out of university,
learn new skills and more importantly have fun!



We like to think that we have something for everyone - and if we don't we can help you to develop new activities that you're passionate about. 
Through societies, campaign and peer support groups, the SU empowers students to make change in their communities. All of these groups are run by students alongside their studies and provide you with a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and get the most out of your time at Roehampton
Our Societies are open to all, no matter who you are what your interested in or where your from, we have something for everyone. Just check through our societies below that interests you, and and get in touch.  Unsure if its for you? Try it out for two weeks for free before joining - we want to make sure you get it right, and make the most of your university experiance. We always encorage everyone to try out at least one society which is something they have never tried before - most of us go to University only once in their lives, so why not use the experiance to try out something compleatly new. 
We also have a number of societies looking for people to work within the committee , from social media officers to event officers. If this is something you would like to do, you can either get in touch with the Activities Team, or reach out to the society directly you are interested in and volunteer your skills. Its a great way to get involved, and to add something to your CV.
You can also create your own society if you cannot find something which works for you, or if you have a fabulous talent or skill which you know other people are missing out on!
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