RSU Elections


Roehampton Students' Union is a charity, directed and run by elected students.

Every year, students at Roehampton get the opportunity to vote to decide who to elect to represent them.


RSU By-Elections (October 2021)

13 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Wednesday 13 October 2021 (in 15 days)

The polls open at 11:00 on Monday 18 October 2021 (in 2 weeks and 6 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.

NOTICE OF ELECTION – 2021/22 Election

In adherence to the Students’ Union byelaws and Articles of Association, I hereby announce the notice for the elections of Officer Trustees and Part-Time Officers for the academic year 2021/2022.

This notice contains the following information:

1. The positions in which nominations are invited are:

  • Vice President (Education)
  • Interfaith Officer
  • Off Campus & Commuting Students’ Officer
  • Post Graduate Students’ Officer
  • Societies Officer
  • Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer
  • Students’ with Disabilities Officer
  • Digby Stuart College Deputy President
  • Southlands College President
  • Southlands College Deputy President
  • Whitelands College Deputy President
  • 4 NUS delegate ( 2x women & 2 x open places)


2. The date and time for the opening of nominations: Nominations open 12:00 noon Tuesday 14th September 2021.

3. The date and time for the close of nominations: Nominations close 12:00 noon Wednesday 13th October 2021.

4. Details of who is eligible to vote: Full Members of the Union are eligible to participate in elections and referendums. 

Full Members are defined as:

  • Each and every student who has not opted out by notifying the University of Roehampton or the Students’ Union of their wish not to be a member of the Union
  • The Sabbatical Officers of the Union

Students’ who have opted out of their membership shall not be entitled to involvement in any democratic processes of the Union, including standing as a candidate or voting in elections. Associate members of the Union who are not registered students at Roehampton University are not entitled to participate in elections.

  • Details of how to submit a nomination: To submit a nomination, fill out a nomination form online at


  • The location and times of voting: You can vote any time online from 11:00 am Monday 18th October 2021 to 2:00pm  Friday 22nd October 2021 at


For any enquiries about the election, please email

Voting Explained

Here at Roehampton, we use a Single Transferable Voting system as we feel this is the most representative to our student body.

Most elections will use the 'First Past The Post' method whereby the candidate with the most votes is declared the winner.

Using a single transferable vote, you are able to select your candidates in order of preference, Ranking them from most to least favoured. Therefore, your voice is always represented no matter what happens.

Candidates are required to receive at least 50% of the votes cast and if no candidate has received this margin in the first round of voting, the candidate with the least votes is removed. The votes cast will then be awarded to the person you have voted as your second favourite. 

Candidates will be removed and their votes split until a clear majority has been decided for one candidate.

This means that even if your most favoured candidate is removed in the early rounds, your voice is still represented and can create an influence on the overall outcome.


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