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RSU Elections


Roehampton Students' Union is a charity, directed and run by elected students.

Every year, students at Roehampton get the opportunity to vote to decide who to elect to represent them.

Click here to find out the results of the 2021 RSU Elections

We will return in October for the 2021 Autumn byelections. This will be an opportunity to fill any roles that did not gain a candidate during the spring elections.

Voting Explained

Here at Roehampton, we use a Single Transferable Voting system as we feel this is the most representative to our student body.

Most elections will use the 'First Past The Post' method whereby the candidate with the most votes is declared the winner.

Using a single transferable vote, you are able to select your candidates in order of preference, Ranking them from most to least favoured. Therefore, your voice is always represented no matter what happens.

Candidates are required to receive at least 50% of the votes cast and if no candidate has received this margin in the first round of voting, the candidate with the least votes is removed. The votes cast will then be awarded to the person you have voted as your second favourite. 

Candidates will be removed and their votes split until a clear majority has been decided for one candidate.

This means that even if your most favoured candidate is removed in the early rounds, your voice is still represented and can create an influence on the overall outcome.