What is a Students' Union?

In short, a Students’ Union (SU) is a student-led organisation that strives to improve the university experience for every student in higher education.

They are run by elected student officers to support your time at university both academically and socially.

Roehampton Students’ Union is exactly that. With a host of services available to support your university experience, we are here for you!

We work alongside our student officers to promote and address issues that affect students here at Roehampton, both on and off-campus. These can range from issues such as education, diversity, disability, the environment and more.

We also strive to enhance your social life by hosting a diverse and inclusive set of activities and events, including our annual Summer Ball.

Any money spent with the Students’ Union is re-invested back into improving the student experience for all.

Please contact us if we can help support you. Our team of dedicated SU staff will be happy to help with any queries you may have. You can contact us through our live chat, social media, or by emailing rsu@roehampton.ac.uk.