Membership Support

Support for Society Members

Being a member of a Society is one of the best things you can do at Roehampton.

This page covers some essential information about your membership to one of our affiliated Societies. 

All members to a Society are expected to behave in-line with RSU and University of Roehampton policies and guidelines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I just got a membership, what next?

We encourage you to visit the page of the Society you joined - on their page, you can find their email and reach out to them directly about upcoming events. If you have social media, this will also be on their page - most Societies use Instagram. Equally, you can check the What's On calendar for Society events. 

How long does my membership last?

Memberships to a Society are in-line with the academic year, from when you purchased it until 1st of July annually, at which time you’ll need to re-register. Some Societies may have pay-as-you go options, or session-by-session if you're international. 

How much does membership cost, and where does this money go? 

Fees can vary - a Society with more complex needs, such as hiring instructors or buying equipment, will need to charge a higher amount. Any fees you pay are lodged with RSU and attributed to the Society – it cannot be spent by Union staff, only the Society Committee themselves.

What does membership entitle me to?

Membership entitles you to attend Society activities, adds you to the Society’s mailing list, enables you to buy the Society’s products, and enables you to vote and stand in Society Committee Elections each year to shape the direction of the Society.

What happens when my membership comes to an end?

We will hold your data in-line with GDPR laws, to find out more you can read our Privacy Policy

Incidents and Complaints

We take incidents and near-misses very seriously, so if you have witnessed an incident or a near miss at a Society event, please let us know via our Incident Report Form.

Sometimes, you may encounter an issue with your Society or experience with the Activities team. To make a complaint, please follow ordinary Union procedure.


You are entitled to a refund of your Society Membership, no questions asked within 14 days, in-line with the UK Law on consumer rights. You need to email us the transaction ID on your receipt at

You are not automatically entitled for a refund after 14 days. Here, still send us an email quoting the transaction ID and explaining why you wish to be refunded – but we will need to raise this with the Society Committee for them to authorise. They may consider their budget and current financial situation.