How we are Governed

Memorandum of Articles

The RSU Memorandum and Articles of Association outline our charitable objectives, and include information about our powers, as well as further details about how we govern and manage Roehampton Students’ Union. These have been approved by Companies House, Charity Commission, University of Roehampton Council and Student Council and it is the responsibility of the Trustee Board to ensure we comply and achieve our charitable objectives. You can view the full document here



RSU’s by-laws offer a comprehensive and clear outline of all aspects of the Union management and membership. It covers all key areas of the work we do including details of all meetings, committees and regulations. The by-laws support the memorandum and articles of association, providing guidance and instructions. The by-laws allows for amendments to polices, regulations and procedures to occur, all amendments still require the approval of SUC and Trustee Board. You can view the full byelaws here

Code of Practice

Section 22(3) of The Education Act 1994 requires universities to issue a Code of Practice setting out the manner in which the requirements of sections 22(1) & (2) of the Act, relating to the organisation and activities of the Students’ Union, are put into effect. You can read the full details here

Current RSU Policy

Through decisions made by students, we have a number of policies that impact on the way we run as a Union of Students! Our policies are here to ensure that the values which students feel are important, such as the environment, equal rights, and education funding, are reflected all the way through the SU.

Here you will find a list of current Students’ Union Policy which has been established by Referenda or Students’ Union Council. These policies remain valid as defined by the byelaws above.

External Speakers Policy

Degree Classification Policy

Since the implementation of the ideas system in September 2016, all other RSU student approved standpoints are listed here.