Starting a New Society

Can’t find an RSU society that suits you? All you need to create your own is a unique idea and 20 like-minded people.

You just need to fill out a new society application form and once registered, you’ll get £50 to help kick-start your group!

RSU provides support by prioritising room bookings, offering opportunities to apply for student activities funds and giving our continuing support in planning events and developing your society.

Before you decide to set up a society, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Who is going to help me run my society?
  • Is there already a club or society organising the kinds of events that I want?
  • Who is going to join my society?
  • Do I have the enthusiasm, time and passion to create and run a new society?


If you have any other questions about starting a new society, send an email to our Activities team at                    

How to Set Up a Society Guide

Society Signature Sign Up Form (Excel)