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*** Please note: Over the Summer 2020, we are putting new / adopted societies applications on hold while we sort out how we will operate for 2020/21. Therefore the application process is currently closed, though we hope to be able to open this in August / September. If you do have an idea for a new society, please get in touch with us via first. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it is likely the new society would need to operate both online and offline, so please take this into account.****


Can't find an RSU society that fits your specific interests? All you need to create your own is a unique idea, and 20 like-minded people! We have a variety of different societies already, but if you cannot find your own here, then why not start up a new one?

The RSU supports it's societies by prioritising their room bookings , granting the ability to apply for a section of the £5000 student activities fund, and continuing support in the planning of events and assisting you in developing your society.

Every new society is gifted £50 in order to kick-start the group once it has been approved!

Before you decide to set up a society, ask yourself the following questions: 

Who is going to help me run my society?

Is there already a club or society organising the kinds of events that I want?

Who is going to join my society?

Do I have the enthusiasm, time and passion to create and run a new society?

If you would like to set up a new society , scroll down to compleate the new society application form and begin. If you have any further queries, want to run something past us or simply want to ask if a society already exists, get in touch with us on . We have included a How to Set Up a Society Guide below, for anyone who wants to find out a bit more about the process. 


How to Set Up a Society Guide

Society Signature Sign Up Form (Excel)


Adopt an Inactive Society

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our list of societies? Did we previously have the society and now it’s nowhere to be seen?

Take a look at our inactive societies, as you may be able to simply adopt one.


Allotment Society Hellenic Society (Greek and Cypriot) Rock and Metal Society
Bhangra Society Hindu Society RoeHogwarts Society
Chess Society Hip Hop Society RoeSnow Society
Coexist Society (Interfaith) Japanese Culture Society S.T.A.R Society (Student Action for Refugees)
Comic Book and Manga Society Jewish Society Somali Society
Desi Society Krishna Conciousness Society Spoken Word Society
Disney Society Nature Conservation Society Vegan Society
Gospel Choir Society Nepalese Society  



Why are these societies inactive?

All of our societies are student-led. They are run by committees, all of which must have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Committees can also have 5 additional roles to complement the 3 core positions (i.e. Events Coordinator or Social Secretary). Unfortunately, sometimes societies don't manage to find a committee for the following year for one reason or another. Consequently, they can't run as normal and are made inactive.

Why should I adopt a society?

Societies are like mini communities on campus. They are a great way to make friends with similar interests and increase your social activity. As you know, every society needs a committee to run it. If the society you like the look of is inactive, you and 2 others could be the ones to give it life! Committee positions are voluntary roles which look great on your CV. Committee members will have to complete a compulsory induction training and will be invited to specialised society workshops too. These are great opportunities to enhance both personal and professional skills.

How do I adopt a society? 

If you'd like to restart one of our inactive societies, let us know! To get it off the ground for this year you’ll need another 2 people to help you run it. Once you’ve got your committee together , send us an email on and we shall be in touch.


 Please note: All our societies are run by students, for students. On this basis, we cannot accept any applications from external organisations, businesses, religious organisations or individuals who are not current full time students at Roehampton to run a society. However do feel free to email for any further clarification.