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Volunteering as a Society Leader at Roehampton 

Every Society was once an idea, brought to life by passionate students. 

Anybody can volunteer as a Society Leader, and Roehampton is home to all kinds of student-led communities - all the way from performing arts to course-based communities, cultures, or religion. 

Our Society Leaders benefit from training, 1:1 tailored advice, and opportunities for development - we aim to set you up for success in leading and delivering activities at Roehampton, this has led to recognition within the University and at national award ceremonies.

Whether you’ve volunteered with us before or are starting out for the first time we strongly encourage you to get involved and can't wait to hear your idea. 

Start a New Society

To start a Society with us, you'll need to complete our Start a Society Form linked below. 

Each society must have a minimum of 3 Society Leaders, who are registered students at the University of Roehampton, in order to run.

Once you have completed the form, we will review your proposal to check it is feasible and doesn't repeat the work of an existing Society.

We then invite you to an Induction Meeting with the Societies Coordinator to hear about what you want to achieve, explain volunteering with us in more depth so you can fit it flexibily around your studies, and prepare you for your role through our dedicated training modules and opportunities for ongoing support. 

Need some information or guidance on starting a society? Send us an email at and we'll be more than happy to help! 


Ready to submit a proposal for your new society? 

Click here to complete our Start a Society Form! 


Role Profiles 

Society leadership is a voluntary position, and people of all backgrounds and experiences get involved. 

All Society volunteers benefit from:

  • A dedicated member of staff at RSU to provide ongoing support, problem solving, and opportunities 
  • Training and induction to your new role 
  • A clearly defined role profile outlining the tasks and responsibilities of your role
  • Opportunities for recognition of your achievements such as the annual RSU Awards

To look at a more detailed role description for each Society leadership position, please click on the role descriptions below:

Accessible Volunteering 

We believe volunteering as a Society Leader should be accessible to everybody and a wide range of students get involved each year.

In line with our Student Volunteering Policy, if you have any questions about the practical arrangements of volunteering with us please get in touch for a confidential discussion. 

A wide range of students volunteer as Society Leaders, with a quater being mature students and half declaring a known disability (data as of 2023). Volunteering is flexible and reasonable adjustments can often be made. Please reach out to if you would like to discuss this with our support staff.

International Students' Volunteering 

As an international student, if you do not have the right to live and work in the UK without restriction you may be concerned about taking on a volunteering role at RSU as the Home Office places restrictions on 'voluntary work'.

All RSU Society Leadership roles do not constitute 'voluntary work' and therefore do not contribute to your restrictions. This is broken down in further detail here:

Society Leadership does not:

  • Require a contract with RSU 
  • Entail being provided work by RSU that requires you to attend at particular times to carry out specific tasks
  • Renumeration of any kind (though we do pay back reasonable and agreed expenses)
  • Replace a paid-employee or role

If you are ever in any doubt about this please email to get in touch.