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Can't find an RSU society that fits your specific interests? All you need to create your own is a unique idea, and 20 like-minded people!

The RSU supports it's societies by prioritising their room bookings , granting the ability to apply for a section of the £7000 student activities fund, and continuing support in the planning of events and assisting you in developing your society.

Every new society is gifted £50 in order to kick-start the group once it has been approved!

Before you decide to set up a society, ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Who is going to help me run my society?
  2. Is there already a club or society organising the kinds of events that I want?
  3. Who is going to join my society?

If you would like to set up a new society before the academic year begins, scroll down to compleate the new society application form and begin. 

Due to time constraints, we are currently holding up new applications until 1st November to ensure we get all admin access out of the way for the current societies. We will be in contact soon, but please be aware that there is a delay.

*Please note - you need to be logged into the RSU website to see the new society form. This is to enable only current students to set up societies while at university.*


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