Academic Representation

Academic Representation

Have you ever wanted to raise an issue or provide feedback on your programme but were unsure how to, or questioned whether it would actually make a difference? We have revised our academic representation system for 2022/23 to support students do exactly this. 

For any questions on how you can get involved, email 

Student feedback

The RSU student feedback form is your opportunity to provide student leaders (Sabbatical Officers, School Reps, and Programme Reps) with feedback on a range of topics. 

The range of topics may change throughout the year based on student needs. Load up the form via the link to check what topics are available for feedback.

School Reps 

School Reps are experienced student leaders appointed to the role by RSU and their university department.

For 2023/24, your School Reps are: 

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences – Kaya Kantner (  

Business – Antonella Suzuki (

Education – Harrison Cohen (

Law – Daiana Purcarea (

Life & Health Sciences – Nicole Jeque (

Psychology – Lorna Dean (

School Reps work with both the RSU and the University to help drive democratic student engagement and support feedback between students and staff.  

School Reps can access all resources, inc. training and feedback forms here.

Programme Reps 

Programme Reps promote student voice and represent the academic interests of students on your programme, giving a voice to the issues that affect you and other students. Their main role is to liaise with and represent the academic interests and views of students on your programme. They collect feedback and communicate this with both the RSU and the University to encourage change. 

Programme Reps will be recruited between Friday 19th of January - Friday 2nd of February 2024. Every student is eligible to apply. If this interests you, there will be a Recruitment Form that will be circulated on both the RSU Website (here) and all academic staff members will have access – so speak to them if you are unsure.  


What do Programme Reps do?

You will raise issues and feedback in communications with other students, Programme Leaders, your School Rep, and the RSU to promote student voice and represent academic interest.

You will also be invited to attend Programme Board meetings once per semester, where academic staff respond to feedback and action decisions to make tangible changes to the student experience.  

You will gain a wide range of skills: communication, decision-making, time management, teamwork, and negotiation, and will be able to work closely with both the University and RSU.  


Responsibilities of Programme Reps:

  • Represent the academic interests of the student cohort on your programme by gathering their feedback and ideas, and working to enact this feedback alongside the Programme Leader and RSU 

  • Collect feedback from students on your programme using feedback forms and surveys 

  • Attend Programme Board meetings with academic staff 

  • Attend School Rep Forums with other Programme Reps and your School Rep 

  • Share feedback with School Reps and the RSU  

  • Share feedback outcomes with students using our feedback outcomes form, and let students know of any decisions made at Programme Board meetings 

  • Promote participation of surveys like NSS and distribute and collect module evaluation forms 

  • Work closely with School Reps to promote student voice and represent academic interest.  

Click here for more details about what a Programme Rep does


Are you a Programme Rep?

  1. Make sure you've registered to be a Programme Rep here.
  2. View all the resources, inc. training and Feedback forms here.