Complete Speak Week Survey

What is Speak Week?

Speak Week is a new campaign being launched by Roehampton Students’ Union (RSU), where we want to give all students the opportunity to provide feedback on the changes that they want to see at University of Roehampton.

It is an opportunity for students to answer the question: “If you ran the University, what would you keep and what would you change?”

You can submit as many responses to this question as you would like.

This feedback will then be analysed, and a Speak Week report will be written. The feedback we receive will be reviewed and used to inform future campaigns and discussions with university senior staff

When is Speak Week?

As this is the first year that we are running Speak Week, RSU is doing a soft launch on the 9th of May. Speak Week will take place from the May 23rd to 28th May.

What happens during Speak Week?

Our RSU team of Sabbatical Officers, Part Time Officers and Programme Representatives will be across campus encouraging as many students as possible, encouraging meaningful discussion, and asking for recommendations for change.

What happens to your feedback?

We will collect all your responses and use it to tell the University about the changes you’d like to make to improve your experience at Roehampton.

Take survey here: SPEAK WEEK