Complete Speak Week Survey

What is Speak Week?

Speak Week is a new campaign being launched by Roehampton Students’ Union (RSU), where we want to give all students the opportunity to provide feedback on the changes that they want to see at University of Roehampton.

It is an opportunity for students to answer the question: “If you were in charge of the University, what would you keep and what would you change?

Here are some areas we would like you to consider when filling out your comments:

Quality of teaching,Assessment, Academic support and skills development, Barriers to the inclusiveness, Organisation and management, Learning resources & Other student experience 

Here is what we mean by these key words:

  • Quality of teaching including teaching methods and curriculum content
  • Assessment including deadlines and submission, adequacy of feedback and the appropriateness of the overall balance of assessment activities
  • Academic support and skills development including opportunities for developing employability skills and other personal development opportunities
  • Any barriers to the inclusiveness of the course including hidden and/or unexpected course costs or accessibility of teaching and materials
  • Organisation and management including timetabling and communication
  • Learning resources including the library, IT, learning environment, Canvas and other teaching/learning resources
  • Other student experience including wider non-course specific issues

You can submit as many responses to the above question as you would like.

This feedback will then be analysed, and a Speak Week report will be written. The feedback we receive will be reviewed and used to inform future campaigns and discussions with university senior staff

When is Speak Week?

As this is the first year that we are running Speak Week, RSU is doing a soft launch on the 7th of November. Speak Week will take place from the 21st to 25th November.

What happens during Speak Week?

Our RSU team of Sabbatical Officers, Part Time Officers, School Represenattives and Programme Representatives will be across campus encouraging as many students as possible, encouraging meaningful discussion, and asking for recommendations for change.

What happens to your feedback?

We will collect all your responses and use it to tell the University about the changes you’d like to make to improve your experience at Roehampton.

Take survey here: SPEAK WEEK