Bystander Support Team

If you are attending an event organised by the Students’ Union you can access support from The Bystander Intervention Team.

The Bystander Intervention Team is responsible for reinforcing the University’s zero-tolerance stance on sexual harassment/assault, providing a safe environment for all.

The team are present at Students’ Union events, both on and off-campus, and can offer support and intervention with incidents of sexual violence.

You will see the team wearing fluorescent blue tops and stationed at various places across the event.

If you are in need of support, do speak to one of the Team or ask a member of staff from behind the bar or Security.

For any further information, please do contact the Wellbeing Team below.

Digby Stuart College

Emily Cookson-Williams


Phone: 020 8392 3176

Froebel College

Nicola Hallam


Phone: 020 8392 3304

Southlands College

Jo Eskdale


Phone 020 8392 3402

Whitelands College

Gloria Williamson


Phone 0208392 3502