Election Rules


Rules & Guidelines

General Rules

  1. RSU Elections are subject to the law, University of Roehampton regulations, and RSU policies and byelaws. Candidates and their campaign teams must always adhere to these.

  2. All students have the right to vote free from influence exerted by candidates or campaign teams.

  3. All students enrolled at the University of Roehampton (or partner college or institutions) are eligible to vote, unless they have opted-out of the Students’ Union membership as outlined in the Byelaws, if they have student status on the opening day of voting.

  4. A student is allowed to put in a nomination for a maximum of one role for either full time or part time officer role and one nomination for NUS conference delegate.

  5. Candidate nomination must include the candidate’s name, position they are standing for, a photo of the candidate, and manifesto consist of fewer than 500 words total and submitted by close of nomination at 11AM on Friday 26th April 2024.

  6. Re-open nominations (RON) shall be a candidate for all positions.

  7. All candidates are required to attend a candidate briefing to ensure that their campaign abides by election rules. Any candidate unable to attend must inform the Deputy Returning Officer with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, to elections@roehampton.ac.uk

  8. Candidates are responsible for the actions of their campaign teams and will be personally responsible if a member of their campaign team is subject to a complaint.

  9. Voting will be held online through the Roehampton SU website. Any electronic device which can be used to vote will be classified as a polling station. Candidates and their campaign teams are prohibited from interfering with any polling station and cannot give their own or a hired device to another student to vote from.

  10. Voting will be by secret ballot, with all votes being cast in confidence.

  11. The votes will be counted by the ‘Alternative Transferable Vote’ system as defined by the Electoral Reform Society. This system will be explained online when students go and cast their vote and at the ballot stations.

  12. The Elections voting counts will be conducted through an automated software using our membership system.

  13. Candidates may withdraw from the Election at any point by informing the Deputy Returning Officer at  elections@roehampton.ac.uk

  14. The Returning Officer reserves the right to postpone or stop the Election at any time if they believe the Election is not being conducted in a free and fair manner.

  15. The Elections will be conducted in accordance with RSU byelaws and standing Orders which include the Elections Rules and Guidelines. The Returning Officer’s interpretation of the Elections Rules and Guidelines is final.

Candidate Campaigning

  1. The official campaigning period opens 11AM (GMT), Tuesday 16th April 2024 and will close at 11AM on Friday 26th April 2024.

  2. Voting shall open at 11AM (GMT), Tuesday 07th May 2024 and will close at 11AM on Thursday 09th May 2024.

  3. Campaigning is permitted online and on campus from the moment a candidate completes their nominations application. If candidates begin campaigning before they have attended the candidate briefing, it is their responsibility to ensure their campaign abides by the election rules and any further guidance provided. Candidates and campaign teams are subject to Elections Rules and Guidelines whether they have attended the candidate briefing or not.

  4. Candidates and their campaign teams must not interfere with, remove, or change other candidates’ promotional materials, even if material posted is in breach of the Elections Rules and Guidelines. Candidates should notify the Elections team through elections@roehampton.ac.uk if they believe promotional material is in contravention of the Elections Rules and Guidelines.

  5. Candidates and their campaign teams are prohibited from campaigning within RSU and Library spaces. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the interior of the RSU Building, Hive Café, Elm Grove, and library (including the outside of the buildings). This also includes all RSU-affiliated online and social media spaces.

  6. Candidates must obtain the permission of the owner or manager of any space such as walls, windows, pillars, or doors, before posting any campaign materials. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, virtual spaces like social media pages or groups, websites, or online forums.

  7. Candidates and their campaign teams must not bribe, impersonate, or harass any student throughout the elections period.

  8. Candidates are encouraged to engage in discussion and debate about ideas, views, and opinions, and it is expected these are done in a constructive, respectful manner. Candidates and their campaign teams must not attack other candidates in a derogatory or inflammatory manner in person, in writing, by illustration, or online.

  9. Candidates must campaign individually. Candidates are prohibited from campaigning as part of a team with the support of other candidates: publicising other candidacies, appearing together in or sharing physical or virtual resources.

  10. Societies and Sports Clubs are encouraged to provide opportunities for candidates to engage with their members. Societies and Sports CLubs are permitted to endorse candidates, but they should continue to offer the opportunity to all candidates to engage with their members and should be aware of the above ethos when making decisions about candidate engagement and endorsement.

  11. Campaign materials are permitted to reference the RSU, University of Roehampton, and the Colleges, but must not display their logos. Candidates and their campaign teams are encouraged to use #Roelects and the voting QR code provided by RSU across their campaign materials.

Candidate Resources

  1. RSU, University of Roehampton staff, and the Colleges are prohibited from endorsing any candidates.

  2. Candidates and their campaign teams are prohibited from dressing up in any of the official college mascot costumes.

  3. Candidates and their campaign teams will be provided with a campaign budget. Candidates are prohibited from exceeding the expenditure limit of £30 for Sabbatical Officer candidates and £20 for College President and Deputy President candidates. *

* Budget amount subject to change based on candidate numbers and the subsequent cost to RSU. The exact amount will be confirmed during the candidate briefing.

  1. Candidates are expected to create their own publicity. The cost of printed publicity must be accounted for within the candidate budget.

  2. Candidates must submit election budget form, including receipts for any item purchased for campaigning, by filling out the Candidate’s expense request form before 11AM (GMT), Thursday 09th May 2024. Candidates are required to provide a list denoting all items purchased, quantity, cost, and receipts. Candidates are eligible to claim back up to 50% of their total expenses.

Incumbent Officers

  1. Candidates who already hold an elected or appointed position at RSU may not use the Students’ Union’s time, funds, resources, or official social media to enhance their own campaign or that of another candidate for the duration of the Election period.

Environmental Guidance

  1. RSU holds values relating to environmental awareness, and all students are encouraged to consider the environmental impact of campaigning. For any questions about ensuring your campaign is environmentally conscious, please contact the Elections Committee by emailing  elections@roehampton.ac.uk


  1. Any written complaint shall be heard and determined by the Deputy Returning Officer, as the lead of the investigatory panel, within two working days (where possible) of a written complaint being lodged by any full voting member or a standing candidate.

  2. Any standing candidate who is the subject of a written complaint shall be notified of the complaint lodged against them at the earliest convenience. After being notified, the candidate who is subject to the complaint has two working days to submit an appeal in writing to the Deputy Returning Officer, at  elections@roehampton.ac.uk

  3. The Deputy Returning Officer shall decide on the penalty of a candidate complaint. This may range from a verbal warning to disqualification from the Elections.

  4. Any complaints or appeal to the Deputy Returning Officer's ruling, will be reviewed by the Returning Officer.This shall be heard and determined by the Returning Officer within two working days (where possible) of a written complaint or appeal being lodged by any full voting member or a standing candidate.

  5. Any challenge or complaint concerning the administration and good conduct of the Election shall be received in writing by the Returning Officer before 11 AM (GMT), Thursday 09  May 2024, via the provided complaints form. This includes any complaints about another candidate’s campaign.

  6. From 11AM (GMT) onwards, Thursday 09  May 2024, a challenge or complaint can only relate to the conduct of the count and must be lodged in writing to the Returning Officer at  elections@roehampton.ac.uk. The Returning Officer shall resolve the complaint within two working days of the complaint being lodged.

  7. The Returning Officer is responsible for the final interpretation of the Elections Rules, and the final decision on the matters sits with them.

Pre-term Agreements

  1. All prospective candidates standing for a Sabbatical Officer position are expected to meet one-to-one with the RSU Chief Executive or their nominee for a Pre-Term meeting. Such candidates are expected to organise this meeting by emailing  elections@roehampton.ac.uk.You can read a copy of the RSU Pre-Term agreement here .

  2. All prospective candidates standing for a College President and Deputy President position is expected to meet one-to-one with their respective Head of College for a Pre-Term meeting. Please email the Head of College directly to book the Pre-Term Meeting.

  3. As part of this Pre-Term meeting, prospective candidates will enter into an agreement signifying their understanding of the nature of the role, any prerequisites, and expectations. The candidate needs to ensure that the Pre-Term meeting with RSU or the College have been booked before 11AM (GMT), Friday 26th April 2024.

If you have any questions about or require clarification of these Rules and Regulations, please do not hesitate to contact elections@roehampton.ac.uk.