Pre-Term Agreement

Roehampton Students’ Union - Elections 2024


Sabbatical Officer Trustee Candidate Pre-Term Agreement



Roehampton Students’ Union (RSU) is student-led organisation that is legally independent of the University of Roehampton. It has its own registration with Companies House and the Charities Commission, policies, procedures, and governance instruments. We work closely and in partnership with the University on a wide range and number of projects, campaigns, and initiatives that relate to students but fundamentally, if elected, you will represent students at the University of Roehampton as an official of RSU.

This pre-term agreement is purposed to outline some important information about the role so that you can enter the elections process knowing what to expect, when you start your term of office.


What is a Sabbatical Officer?

A sabbatical officer is the term given to a student who is elected through the students’ union to represent students on a full-time basis. The term sabbatical is used to describe a break someone takes from their studies to take up another temporary opportunity. In this case, the opportunity is a full-time lasting one year, which is paid. Any current student (both undergraduate and postgraduate) students can do this and if they are elected in their final year or are a postgraduate, their student status will continue whilst they are a sabbatical officer. If a student takes a sabbatical in their first, or second year, they will return to their studies at the beginning of the academic year following their sabbatical. If you would like to discuss your options for studying whilst doing a sabbatical officer role, please feel free to book a time with us by email at



All students currently registered on a programme of study with the University of Roehampton are considered eligible to stand in the elections. On receiving complete nominations, RSU will verify candidate’s eligibility with the university and accept their confirmation of candidate’s student status. Further requirements to become eligible is outlined in the candidate information on the RSU website. In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, we would advise that all candidates ensure that they are in good standing with the university in terms of the completion of their enrolment, and fee status, attendance to sessions, are up to date with their learning and assessment, and are not in the process of undergoing university investigation or disciplinary action. If a prospective candidate has any outstanding matters in relation to these areas, we advise they take steps to resolve the issue prior to submitting a nomination.


Right to work in the UK (International Students)

All elected candidates must have the right to work in the UK. The students' union is required by law to check that you have immigration permission that allows you to do the work and to take a copy of evidence of this, usually your current passport, your current biometric residence permit (BRP) or immigration status document or your digital status. We recommend they familiarise with the UK Council for International Student Affairs guidance on sabbatical officers here and if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to book a time with us by email at


Term of Office

The elections will take place in March and if elected, your one-year term as a sabbatical officer will begin on July 1, 2024, and end on June 30, 2025. Sabbatical Officers may serve a maximum of two one-year terms, the second subject to being re-elected.


Standards of Behaviour

The role requires you to work within the scope of the role description and represent the union as one of its primary ambassadors. It is expected that sabbaticals will demonstrate professionalism, transparency and accountability when working with students, staff, the university and external partners, and in alignment with RSU and University policies and procedures, the Charity Governance Code, and Nolan Principles.

Candidates are encouraged to confidentially disclose historical public statements (including those made via private social media channels) they recall making that may place them under public scrutiny. This is so RSU can provide practical guidance and support in relation to digital profile management.


Working Hours

This is an office-based role on campus with the option to work a portion of your time remotely. Your contracted hours will be 35 hours per week with the core hours being 10.00 - 16.00. There will be occasional variation to these times to account for university open days, some events and campaigns, and large projects such as Fresher’s Week, Summer Ball and the RSU Awards. The nature of the work may require you to attend social events and meetings outside of these hours, requiring a commitment to flexibility in your attendance, where feasible for your own circumstances. On the occasions where you may work irregular hours you will be expected to manage your time accordingly to your contracted hours and in line with RSU policies and procedures.


Remuneration / Holiday

If elected, and subject to the Board of Trustees confirming officer remuneration rate annually, you will receive an honorarium payment which is equivalent to the university pay scale grade RU04 point 12. This will be paid to you in equal amounts on the 26th day of each month. During your term of office, you will be entitled to 25 days holiday. The days when you take holiday should be mutually agreed with your fellow sabbatical officers and Chief Executive Officer and in accordance with the union’s policies and procedures. Holiday must be taken before the end of office and cannot be paid after finishing post.


Trustee Responsibilities

If elected you will automatically become a member of the RSU Board of Trustees, and hold the position referred to as Officer Trustee in our Articles of Association – the union’s governing document. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the direction of RSU and ensuring it achieves the union’s charitable objectives. As a trustee you will join this board which is the most senior authority in the students’ union. The Board of Trustees is comprised of six students, three that are elected sabbatical officers and three that are appointed. A further four members are appointed as external members. Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the union’s governance, legal obligations, and its finances. To be eligible to run for a sabbatical officer position you must declare that none of the disqualifying reasons listed here apply to you.


The role of support staff

The union has an allocation of full-time staff to manage the union’s operations, processes, services, and commercial functions and will provide the sabbatical officers with advice and guidance. The students’ union’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day management of RSU and its staff. The senior management team (SMT) provides direct support and guidance to the sabbatical officers.

The staff’s role is to operate the service functions of the students’ union, support sabbatical officer to implement their manifesto aims, and ensure that the union’s statutory, legal, financial, service, and partnership obligations are in place. Over the course of the year there will be occasions where staff members are entitled to make operational decisions directly without consulting officers to meet these obligations. There will be times when staff will consult officers (and students) to guide decision making in the best interests of students. There will be other times where decision making is deferred to the sabbatical officers (or the Presidents' Committee, members meetings and/or referendums) entirely because the subject relates to political or representational matters. In these cases, the elected leadership of the students’ union is entitled to make decisions on the union’s behalf and staff team will standby provide impartial, administrative support.

For all scenarios, the RSU staff team will guide sabbatical officers on the most appropriate routes to take to make decisions that benefit students at Roehampton and look forward to supporting you, if elected.



Please note this is a pre-term agreement which signifies your understanding of the expectations of the role. If elected, you will receive a fixed-term employment contract, which contains the full terms and conditions for your employment with Roehampton Students’ Union.



At your RSU pre-term meeting, you will be asked to sign a digital copy to signify your understanding of this agreement as well as a Trustee declaration form.