Rep Awards 2019

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to nominate a Rep for Rep Awards 2019! There are five different awards that you can nominate someone for:


Most Dedicated Programme Rep Award
This student is always proactive, never hesitates to be available and listen to their peers and makes sure all student concerns are addressed. They are devoted to the role and don’t shy away from speaking up.

Top Communicator Programme Rep Award
This student is a top communicator, always replying to emails, speaking to students and staff, as well as the RSU Student Voice team. They ensure liaison with tutors is clear and feedback outcomes are fed back to students.

Good Vibes Programme Rep Award
This student is always enthusiastic and friendly. They have taken part in all the Rep Activities and more, always lend a hand whenever needed and are always around to brighten up the day.

Change Maker Programme Rep Award
This student has created change through the Programme Rep role. They have worked and liaised with the RSU and the University to achieve a win that makes a difference in the student experience.

Five Star Programme Rep Award
This student excels in all areas of being a Rep. This award recognises a student who fits into all of the award categories and goes above and beyond of Rep duties. This student is always one of the first people to volunteer for extra opportunities and have an undoubtable presence.




A programme rep is an elected student from each course who represents the student voice of the programme.

Programme Rep's main role is to liaise and represent the views and opinions of students on the programme, collect feedback and communicate this to members of staff and the Students’ Union, and to encourage changes on the programme that the students want to see. The Programme Rep will be the central point of communication for students on your programme.

If you want to become a Programme Rep let your lecturer know!

Brief description of Programme Rep Responsibilities:
  • Attend Rep Training and Rep Fest.
  • Attend Programme Boards (1-2 per term).
  • Attend Departmental Rep Forums (1 per term)
  • Represent students on the programme and take their feedback and ideas to the University and Students’ Union,
    both formally and informally.
  • Communicate with students to keep them up to date with the latest issues, news and updates.
  • Feedback to students what happened with their feedback and any changes that occurred in meetings.
  • Promote and encourage participation of surveys, such as module evaluation and NSS.
Open a more detailed Programme Rep role description here.

Becoming a Programme Rep

Programme Reps are elected in class in the beginning of the term. Your lecturer should share some information about Programme Reps and hold a small election to appoint the Programme Rep - the way this is done can vary, it might be, eg. an in-class or an online ballot.

Your lecturer should pass your information to but to ensure you will be invited to training we recommend you to email us your course and year of study, too.


Programme Rep Training

RSU Student Voice Coordinator Johanna will hold two Programme Rep training sessions for each Department from the end of October to mid-November. The training session is one hour and student who have been elected as Programme Reps must attend ONE session to ensure they are able to carry out their role. All programme Reps will receive a free Programme Rep hoodie and Programme Rep Handbook. Find the Programme Rep Training schedule and more information here.


If you have any enquiries about Programme Reps, contact RSU Student Voice Coordinator Johanna (