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    Keep Frigby BOP the same day as frigby

      Having frigby bop the night before on the Friday makes no sense as nobody is going to want to go to BOP. Having BOP on the Saturday after frigby like it has been all years prior to this is a night of celebration and college pride. It’s the biggest student led and biggest college event of the year and a good way for us third years to celebrate the end.
    Theo Maxwell Luther Benjamin
    11:28am on 26 Feb 19 Brilliant idea!! Makes no sense to have it the night before!!
    Nemanja Stevanovic
    11:30am on 26 Feb 19 Frigby bop has to be same day as Frigby. What’s the point having it the day before no one will go!
    Ericsson Osigwe
    11:34am on 26 Feb 19 Yh what these man said
    Susie Heaton
    11:36am on 26 Feb 19 Will definitely boycott Friday bop if am drinking the next day!! After frigby would be fab ??
    Jake Matteo Fazio
    11:39am on 26 Feb 19 That’s like saying you know what let’s just change the date for Christmas.
    Aaron Joseph Chipolina
    12:18pm on 26 Feb 19 Big bop when digby wins frigby
    Fabian Jasonson
    5:35pm on 26 Feb 19 Why have an event celebrating something that happens the next morning? You don't have your birthday cake the night before your birthday do ya?



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