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Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

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    RSU should support the UCU strike

      As was posted on the RSU official website: "At an emergency meeting of the Students’ Union Council (SUC) on Thursday 13 February, representative members resolved to not support this period of strike action." I am a PhD student and have worked as a visiting lecturer. Consequently, I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the conditions early career researchers face and argue the strikes are completely necessary for staff to deliver the lectures which their students deserve. Most junior lecturers are on temporary contracts which have no guarantee of jobs at their expiry: around seven out of ten lecturers are contracted. These contracts typically only last a few years, sometimes even one year, and result in visiting lecturers travelling across the world, sometimes holding positions at multiple institutions, to get by. Moreover, these contracts usually require a substantial amount of teaching, staff usually work many more hours than they are paid (sometimes up to 51 hours a week), which leaves no time for research. Publishing is essential for progressing in academia, typically you need a monograph for a hope of a permanent position, yet these contracts make it very, very difficult to spend time dedicated to research. Lecturers have seen a real-time pay decrease by 20% over the last decade, which makes it even harder to support academic life, where buying academic books are often necessary to help keep your research up to date and attending conferences is vital for networking purposes. I understand that students feel upset and angry about losing out on so many classes, but the result of the institutional problems in universities is that staff are overworked, stressed out and feel hopeless in their precarious positions. They cannot possibly deliver the best lessons they can give while they are compromised in this way. I thereby petition the RSU to support the UCU strike and work with academic staff to help them receive their desired working conditions. The statistics from this post have been taken from Owen Jones’ excellent article in the Guardian. Here is the link:
    Leonard Bibby
    1:04pm on 20 Feb 20 This is some good shit.
    Naiara Müssnich Rotta Gomes De Assunção
    2pm on 20 Feb 20 I totally support the position of my mate Matt. I am new to the UK and to the education system here, but I believe that the reasons that the University and College Union (UCU) is striking for are global matters and a result of the impact of neoliberal policies on the organization of universities. Education is not a business; it is a human right and should be understood like that. In my view, it is unacceptable that Roehampton Student Union is not supporting the strike, going against the position of the National Union of Students. The staff’s fight against the payment decline of 17% over a decade, gendered and racialised pay gaps, unpaid workloads and changes to the USS Pension Scheme should be a student’s fight, since it immediately affects the quality of education being offered and the working possibilities for the now students, but future professionals. I understand the tuition fees are incredibly high, but if the staff is not being decently payed, where does this money goes to? All my support to the teachers and to the University and College Union (UCU).
    Diana Daniela Bernal Vega
    9:24pm on 20 Feb 20 Absolutely! If you care about students then you'd care about the people who's job is to teach them. Severely disappointed at the RSU for not supporting the strike (I mean, we chose the officers. what a let down, really.) and hope they will show some empathy towards others and change their mind soon enough. All my support goes to the lecturers.
    Maor Avraham Yavetz
    10:27am on 25 Feb 20 Agreed. The RSU should have been actively supporting the strike from the onset, and opened the discussion on doing so to its members. Unlike other Student Unions, the RSU has provided no clarity or guidance (for example on attendance recording) for students during the November strikes, and its current president, Daniel O'Donoghue, has been unresponsive to queries from both students and UCU members alike. To make matters worse, Daniel O'Donoghue had misrepresented the precarious nature of contracts held by staff, by parroting the University's argument that 'there are no zero hours contracts at Roehampton'. As you can see from the testimony above, this is not a true reflection of the reality for many members of staff at the University. It is ironic that despite the RSU's reactionary opposition to workers organising to improve their working conditions and for equality, it is the RSU staff themselves who are substantially overworked (e.g. one advisor per 8,000 students), to the point they fail to properly support students. The alarmingly close relationship the RSU maintains with the University (I am not aware of another SU which has a paid university executive in its ranks) must be called to question. The RSU are first and foremost student representative (and this includes the postgraduate student body, currently also employed by the University with little job security), and a member-based organisation. The RSU are part of the National Union of Students (NUS) and should do well to act with consideration of their national strategies, in this case, in support of the UCU. Staff's working conditions, are students' learning conditions - they are one and the same.



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