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You're the students, and the RSU is run by you, so tell the RSU what you want us to do and campaign on. 

All you have to do is submit your idea below, once submitted you have 2 weeks to first of all get 1% of the student population to vote on it (currently 80 students). Then secondly, 50% +1 of those who voted to vote in favour of your idea. Once you reach the required number of votes, SUC will review the idea and vote for it to become Policy of the RSU. It's that simple!!!

Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

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    Use of Strike Funds for Student Hardship

      The University made significant cost savings from not having to pay some staff their full salary in December 2019 as a result of the UCU Strikes. Staff within the University selflessly asked for any monies saved to be put towards Student Hardship funds to make good of their personal salary sacrifice. The University refused and continue to refuse to commit to making this happen, instead, vaguely claiming that money will be used "to improve the wider student experience". RSU should lobby the University to issue a public statement on the use of strike savings, ensuring that this goes directly towards disadvantaged students, rather than into the pockets of the University.
    Philippa Jane Emerton
    7:13pm on 28 Jan 20 I agree that the money saved from the strike action should be put to a good use and not just lost in the petty cash box!! Being one of the students that doesn't work this would come in handy to me but there are students out there who would benefit even more



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