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Hello all incredible Roehampton students,

My name is Marie Johansen, and I am the first ever, and currently, your Vice President Education. It is with absolute pleasure that I am re-running to continue being your VP Education for the next academic year.

Throughout these last 8 months, I have spent countless hours in meetings with the University, lobbying them for the changes you wanted to see and even more time talking with students and programme reps to make sure I am doing what you elected me to do – represent your views by:

  • Enhancing the Programme Rep System, training over 75% of all reps which is record breaking from 32% last year. Undergrad and Postgrad Department Reps were also introduced. I am sure you have seen them all around campus in their hoodies which I secured funding for! 
  • Launched U R Amazing Awards where you have already celebrated more than 50 members of outstanding, amazing staff!
  • #FixIT campaign for you to be able to report all your IT issues via Twitter, without the hassle of Footprints. 
  • Securing all students at Roehampton 2 consistent Reading Weeks across the academic year.
  • Lobbying the University for Lecture Capture (recorded lectures/seminars), and agreed a trial next academic year.
  • Fighting against the cuts from the Government, with more than 350 students signing a petition against cutting the Maintenance Grants, by lobbying our local MP.
  • New Attendance Monitoring system – will be completely electronic from next year, with an app for you to keep record. 
— Marie Johansen

If you re-elect me, I promise to:


  • Keep lobbying the University to introduce Lecture Capture throughout all programmes – across all departments.
  • Work with students to run effective Academic Societies.
  • Lobby the University to make all study material disability friendly and demand inclusive practice across the board.  This includes making sure all videos have got transcripts, presentations and hand-outs are not black writing on white background etc.
  • Work towards making employability a compulsory part of every curriculum – skills for employment should be at the forefront of every programme, and should include time tabled careers events for all students.
  • Work towards revealing all hidden course costs within our programmes.
  • Review policies such as Mitigating Circumstances, Complaints and Appeals Processes, and work with the University to make sure these are there for the benefit of the student, easy to understand and simple to use.
  • Keep improving and enhancing the Rep System, especially by making Department and Programme Reps more accountable for the work they do for all students.
  • Lobby the University to introduce HEAR for recording your achievements as a student.
  • Initiate works around liberating your curriculum so it reflects the student body, and does not act as a barrier to learning. 


It has been an absolute honour to be your VP Education for the last 8 months, and I will keep fighting with blood, sweat and tears to provide you the academic experience you deserve!