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Joanna Briggs


Who am I?

My name is Joanna Briggs but you can call me Jo!

Some of you may know me as the debate society president or just the happiest girl on campus but from next year I want to be your VP of Education!

Throughout my time at University I have always had a strong belief that we can all teach and can all be a student regardless of your background. Being a president of a society for 2 years has also shown me how influential we as students can truly be, yet I feel not all students fully see their potential. As your VP of Education, I aim to help equip you with the knowledge that will be maintained forever not just for now.

Education: Not just for a degree but for life



What I want to do

  • Schoolin’ Life Workshops – As VP of Education, I believe that it’s my duty to encourage education in all fields of life!

We have all come to university for our degree, but what about all the other aspects of life that we are completely oblivious to? Do you know how tax works or how it affects you after uni? How does your credit card affect your credit score? How do you build confidence to be fully adapted in the corporate world of work? How is your degree classified?

I propose monthly workshops with guest speakers educating us on the things that matter!

  • Modules – Paying £9,000 a year you would want to study the topics that interest you! I plan to introduce termly suggestions committees leasing with the programme reps to discuss what you as students want to study or remove from your courses.

It’s about time we started to pay for what we want and not just settle for what we are given!

  • Cancelation texts- Fed up of coming into class and then being told it’s been cancelled? I aim to introduce a texting system where a text can be sent to a class of which the lecturer has confirmed no lecture will take place.

Dominos can do it so why can’t our lecturers!

  • Mature students & Postgrads – With so many students making Roehampton the amazing university it is, it’s about time we gave our students the space they need to study! We currently only have one official study space for our undergraduates, so I aim to rally for all colleges to have spaces for both our mature and postgraduate students.

These are just a few ideas I have for you, imagine what more can be done if I was in office? Being VP of Education is more than a title, it’s the beginning of a journey which we can all go on! Don’t just talk about change, join me and make change happen!

Education: Not just for a degree but for life