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Hello Roehampton,

I am Liam Parsons, if you don’t know me, I am a Senior Flat Rep on Southlands and have lived here since first year, I am also Varsity Captain and a prominent student within university life. 


Throughout my life… 

I have dreamed of coming to university and receiving a degree, however there have been times where I have struggled educationally to reach my goal. For this reason I want to put myself in a position where I can provide support and encouragement for all individuals that want to reach their own personal goals, but who sometimes need that extra support and push in order to do so. 


Have you ever had 2, or more, assignments in one week?


An important part of a successful education is having the suitable time to be able to produce the best piece of work possible! 

Spacing out assignments and exams will help students who need more time and as a result they will be able to produce a better quality piece of work. 

Are you a member of a society or a sports team?


In order to enjoy life at the University of Roehampton, you will almost certainly want to have the time to be able to have fun and still be able to do well in your degree. 

No lectures on a Wednesday will enable you to enjoy your free time without stressing about missing any essential information that a lecture holds.


Have you ever felt lost throughout the exam period?


I want to hold exam revision sessions, where your lecturers will come in within your usual lecture space and time, in order to help you if you have unintentionally missed a lecture. 

This will enable you to relax before your exams after receiving a few more tips and tricks from your lecturers and be able to catch up on some content that you may have missed or do not remember from the beginning of the term. 


Do you have any idea what you want to do after university?


I want to hold a conference in order to make the transfer from studies to work an easier and more flexible one.

This conference will aim to hold information on the different career paths that not only your degree relates with but the career paths that you are interested in the most.


Some more ideas that I have are to make lectures more interesting by getting in contact with specialists in order to get them to have a Guest Lecture. I will also aim to create a Roey Module Calculator, for those who are not aware of their over all grade.

A vote for me is a promise that these ideas will turn into reality and If you vote for me, I promise to make your degree easier and more enjoyable!