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Well Roehampton, it’s been a tremendous ride, I never expected to make it this far.

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to be asking for your votes for a fourth, and final, time.

In 2012 I became a Roehampton student; the past five years have been quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Continuing the rollercoaster analogy: you, the students, have been the carriage and myself the tracks. I may have set the direction and supported you on your journey but ultimately... without the carriage the tracks would serve no purpose. Without you my work would be pointless, and I could never thank you enough for giving me such incentive to get out of bed in the morning.

I want to reassure everyone that running unopposed won’t lead to complacency, or a sense of entitlement; your faith in my continued leadership is, on the contrary, incredibly encouraging.

The RSU has achieved great things over the past nine months. I’m not claiming they are down to me; I must acknowledge the incredible work the RSU team has done with myself at the helm. I know that not everyone is satisfied with the RSU, and I’m fully aware that there is room for improvement, but compared to this time last year, that room has shrunk significantly.

I’ve been your College Deputy President, your College President and your Students’ Union President and am now asking for one last vote.

Re-elect the same leadership that will continue to see the RSU deliver new initiatives, as well as build upon traditional success.

Because manifestos are limited to 500 words I will only list a fraction of RSU’s work, points which are either personal favourites or upon which I’ve influenced directly:

  • Ideas policy (any student can now submit and vote on changes to Roehampton online) - introduced Direct Democracy to RSU.

  • A Little Feedback, Big Results campaign (1800+ suggestions from 700+ students) - ensuring the RSU understands, and acts upon, student opinion.

  • Secured £11,000+ for 1,200+ students in 64 societies (40% more societies than in September).

  • Monthly RSU Scoop - communicating students’ activity.

  • 350+ Programme Reps shaping academic policy and curricula.

  • Student Mentors introduced: off-campus reps to help off-campus freshers.

  • Listened to feedback and hosted fewer (but bigger & more fun) College Cup events.

  • #Let’sCelebrate delivered new liberation campaign/month.

The only way RSU can do more than it already is, is to grow bigger and better; no one is better placed to build a bigger Union than myself. This means acquiring more staff, lobbying the University to fund new initiatives and improve existing ones, and, above all, encouraging and incentivising more students to get involved with the governing and running of the Union, as well as participate in more of its activity.

Roehampton, I love you. You’ve taught me everything I know, made me who I am and have shaped every decision I’ve made, personal and professional, over the last five years.

Re-elect Jack De France as your Students’ Union President, and make it six.

Much love,