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I studied Business Management


My favourite thing about Roehampton? Well there are loads, for me though it has to be the community, unlike other University’s I have been to that just feel like degree factories. At Roehampton, I felt valued as an individual and part of a big family.


I would like to do so much, however If I could choose three things they would be;


  1. Improve the Social spaces, give them some TLC and bring them back up to be the places students both on and off campus actually want to spend time in.


  1. Empower all of our students, through making them believe they can make positive change. Allowing students to have control of what they want to see. And ultimately letting students shape what we as an RSU do more than they have ever done before.


  1. Bridge the BAME attainment gap. Working with our BAME student ambassadors, our BAME officer, and the University to set up a BAME outreach programme, which will accredit BAME students with volunteering experience to go into local schools to talk about University and their own experiences.