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Fellow Roehampton Students,

I’m standing for RSU President. Here’s why:

Why I want the role: 
The tale’s a personal one, I’ll leave out the pathetic sob story full of tears, self-loathing and the times I wet my bed in Fresher’s Year and cut to the chase.
I grew up in a small town in the French mountains, severely shy, quiet, timid, socially awkward. I struggled with people, self-confidence and was unaccustomed to big city life. Public transport bewildered me and traffic lights were outright terrifying. So when I arrived at Roehampton back in 2012 I arrived a 17 year-old virgin fresher, terrified of the world and crying out for my mum.
Four years on I could not feel more different; socially capable, confident and that’s all thanks to Roehampton. It's been everyone like YOU over the past four years who’ve helped me, encouraged me, had a drink with me, that’s made me who I am today. So yeah… Cheers for that. Much appreciated.
That’s exactly why I want to lead the RSU as President next year, foster that environment, this community, that makes Roey so f***ing wonderful and brings out the best in everyone.



“Let’s get sh*t done, but while having fun.
— Jack De France


Why I'd be good at the the role:  
I won’t shy away from standing up to those at the top, making demands and defending student rights. I’ll be there fighting for all students, getting things done efficiently and with passion.


Experience: Flat Rep for three years, Senior Flat Rep for one, hosted the Pub Quiz for two, worked in Whitelands canteen, organised events, raised hundreds for charity, elected College Social Secretary then College President, sat on the Student Union Council, the Student Senate.

In short: I’ve been involved. I’ve gotten my hands dirty. I’ve not only seen every angle of student life, I’ve lived it. I’ve frolicced about in it like a fat pig in a puddle of mud.




  1. Yearlong online voting for student issues.

  2. Petition service: enough student signatures brings debate straight to the RSU.

  3. Get the University to publish in percentages where our £9,000/year goes.

  4. Modernisation of the website to provide better clarity and easiness of use.

  5. Regular 30 second videos providing super­brief explanations.

  6. Initiatives encouraging diversity and engagement, enhancing students’ skills.

  7. Continuation of the BME and Women Leaders Conferences.

  8. Lead campaigns on national, social, and charitable issues.

  9. Increased focus on daytime and non-­alcoholic events like Give it a Go and Un­wined.

  10.  Student vote on BOP themes.

  11. Increase engagement for Societies and Sports.

  12. Off­-campus reps (similar to flat reps) to be more inclusive of off­-campus freshers.

  13. More Postgraduate involvement. 


If the students are juicy delicious oranges, then the Student’s Union is the freshly squeezed concentrate. We should be serious about what we do, but not take ourselves too seriously. I have ambitions to change things, but to make sure students have a laugh while making that change. That’s why the slogan to elect Jack De France as your Student’s Union President is: “Let’s get sh*t done, but while having fun.”