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Nicolo Sodaro

Your Student Voice.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Nicolo, also known as Nic and I am running to be your RSU Postgraduate Officer.

As someone who is an Alumni at Roehampton University and also a current MA student for Global Marketing, I believe a change can be made for current and future postgraduate students. I want to be YOUR voice and be responsible to ensure that YOUR voices are heard and YOU feel a part of Roehampton University. 

As part of my manifesto, I would like to present to you some of my plans and ambitions if elected:


  1. Try to instigate more Tuition Fee and On-Campus Student Accommodation caps which subsequently helps cost with creating bursaries/discount schemes for PGS.
  2. Make PG students feel welcome and represented within all aspects of student life.
  3. Campaign for more Library space for PG students (Another room)
  4. More care towards PG mental health (Increasing awareness with the welfare officers)
  5. More interaction with the SU to help PGS with future career employability
  6. Creating a more vibrant postgraduate social life experiences at the University
  7. More interaction with fellow International PGS on how their experience could be benefitted with certain changes.


I hope to represent you all.

Vote Nic!