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By taking into consideration the needs of all students regardless of their subscription to faith, we can make Roehampton a better place for everyone.


Hello! My name is Shamraiz Tariq I’m currently studying LLB Law in the 1st year and I’m your Muslim Students Officer. As this is a new position that the RSU has made from this year I think this will prove to be instrumental for the development and improvement of experiences of students that subscribe to the Islamic faith in particular and students of all faiths in general.           


Things I want to achieve this year:

It will be made sure that all concerns, issues or inquiries that students have are being addressed in an effective and efficient manner that satisfies and improves the University experience of students of all faiths.


Feedback collected from students will be analysed and reported to the RSU for improvement.

A formal link of communication between the student and the RSU will be established that will endeavour to constantly work in the best interests of the student.


The RSU will be kept informed of all the matters and updates pertaining students and ideas pertaining faith activities, campaigns and events will be discussed in order for new initiatives to be taken.