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I’m Beth and I’m the Mental Health Officer. I study 3rd-year psychology and hope to become a Clinical Psychologist. I care SO much for other people and really want to make a difference. I volunteer weekly with the mental health charity Mind, have been involved in lots of charity work and I support the university’s Mental Health Network. I am bubbly, supportive, understanding and approachable and I have a lot of personal experience in relation to mental health.

Did you know?: 78% of students experience a mental health problem during their studies

           Charity liaisons:

  • I aim to set up a night-time support service with Nightlinea university based charity run by students for students providing confidential, non-judgemental support in crucial hours. This is vital since research represents that young people are more likely to contact peers for support. To help fund this I would organise fun charity events.
  • I aim to continue the University’s rapport with the charity Sane, including reintroducing a mental health self-awareness scheme- including training- and incorporation of key speakers to deliver talks on issues such as stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse.

    I would love to support you by:

  • Working with Disabilities to ensure students with a mental health diagnosis have a Summary of Adjustments: which could include extended deadlines, exams in separate rooms, lenience in regards to attendance; and access to Disabled Students Allowance which can include mentoring/ a recorder to record missed lectures.
  • Providing students with another source of support, alongside other university support services- such as mental health advisors- in which they can confide in.
  • Supporting general wellbeing with the Health and Wellbeing team, for example- exam stress tips, revision management, mindfulness, and deadline organisation.
  • Supporting events including Mental Health University Day (with the Wellbeing team) and Mental Health Month (with the RSU) and Mental Health Network committee events.

           I strive to:

  • Reform the Sexual Harassment Reporting System;
  • Campaign for faster counselling services,
  • Increase funding for Mental Health,
  • Introduce safe/rest spaces and quiet zones;
  • Recruit a team of students to discuss mental health
  • Represent mental health within the council;
  • Reduce mental health stigmaraise awareness for mental health as a disability and encourage others to seek help
  • Support and raise awareness of the Mental Health Network;
  • Live on campus to remain accessible for support for new and old students
  • Organise student led projects
  • Support off campus students with struggles;
  • Provide mental health first-aid training and optional support sessions for flat reps
  • Support mental health referrals.