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I’m Kat - originally from Australia, although my natural habitat is Bop. I am a second year Drama Theatre and Performance student, a flat rep, and was a programme rep in my first year. I play rugby for the university’s women's team and am involved in various societies.

I currently hold the role of gender equality officer and would love the opportunity to continue in the position for another year. I believe I can carry on and improve on the work I've done in the past six months and leave the university in a strong place when I leave after my third year here.
My accomplishments to date in the role of gender equality officer are:

  • The abolishment of the tampon tax from the on-campus shop, meaning that sanitary items are now 50p cheaper to buy there.
  • Setting up the university’s very first equality committee - a group of passionate students who will work with me and future gender equality officers to help plan events and tackle issues on campus. 
  • Running a workshop for Roehampton’s first ever women's leadership conference for international women's day this year - a great success which will be held again next year and can only improve.
  • Assisting in fundraising efforts for various charities such as Beat and The Homeless Period through work with SSOAP and our performance of the Vagina monologues.
  • Participating in and promoting this years 'Free the Nipple' campaign, working towards equality for all bodies and the desexualisation of the female nipple.
  • The creation of a short educational video on women's bodies - to be released shortly - along with following similar videos currently in planning stages.

If I were re-elected I would use my time in the role to carry on the work I've began and to work towards new goals with the equality committee and relevant societies. These goals will include:

  • An adjustment to the way Roehampton approaches sexual assault issues, and the implementation of a better support method for those who have suffered, along with enforcing consequences for the perpetrator.
  • Planning and holding more events such as fundraisers, workshops, activities etc, in support of equality, our chosen charities, and areas of importance to Roehampton students.
  • Working with the newly created equality committee to receive feedback from a wider range of students on what they need from me as an elected officer.
  • A bigger and better women's conference next year with more workshops and opportunities.
  • Organising groups of students to attend relevant protests and demonstrations on matters of importance to us, not only as Roehampton students but also as citizens of the world.

I hope you consider voting for me as Roehampton’s Gender Equality officer for 2017/18, but regardless of the outcome of the elections, I will continue to fight against inequality both on campus and off, and I encourage every individual to stand up for equality and your beliefs and be an inspiration and a voice to your peers.