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I study Drama Studies

My favourite thing is about Roehampton is RoePaul’s Drag Society, and everyone who’s a part of it.

This year I want to:

1.       Tackle sexual assault and harassment on campus by making it clearer, easier, and more effective for all students to report incidents and by targeting consent campaigns to those who are reported- so that no one graduates without fully understanding what consent is

2.       Re-set up the feminist society after it fell dormant, by finding students who want to be a part of it and using my experiences from RoePauls to help them form a successful committee

3.       Launch a public blog for students to submit and share work inspired by feminism, and their experiences of sexism within the classroom and on campus. This will be part of many projects to raise awareness of everyday sexism, and what everyone can do to achieve better gender equality together- keep an eye out of the blog, coming very soon!