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Hello, I am Kat Walker and I am running for Gender Equality officer. I’m currently a first year student and study Drama, Theatre and Performance. I am also a programme rep and a member of the university women’s rugby team. I’m passionate about social justice and eradicating inequality in all areas, particularly gender inequality as it affects us all so profoundly.

As gender equality officer I would offer my support not only to advocate the equality of men and women but also those who identify as non-binary genders, or as gender neutral.

I believe that in order to work against gender inequality our most effective tool is education; in our modern society many people are not aware of the extent of issues caused by casual sexism, and are therefore unaware of what they can do to help abolish it.


“Fear is the only true enemy, born of ignorance and the parent of anger and hate.
— Kat Walker

If I were elected in this role, I would:

  • Take action to promote a more inclusive and accepting environment in Roehampton for those who are under-represented.
  • Be actively involved in promoting and creating events to advance equality.
  • Listen to the student body and learn about gender issues that affect my peers.
  • Work together with those in question to find answers and solutions to their problems.
  • Address sexual harassment on campus and ensure students are aware of what constitutes harassment and what services are available to those who are victims of it.
  • Encourage those of all genders to have a voice and their opinion heard.
  • Promote education about the variety of genders which may not be known to everyone – such as gender fluid, gender queer etc – all valid and all entitled to equal rights and recognition.
  • Stand against transphobia and homophobia.
  • Battle the various gender stereotypes we all encounter.


I would like to remind everyone, regardless of whether I am elected or not, that gender can never define you or your abilities, and to continue the fight against inequality through education. As Edward Albert said; “Fear is the only true enemy, born of ignorance and the parent of anger and hate.”