Hello Froebelians, my name is Penny Elliot-Miles and I am your new Froebel Deputy President. You will probably recognise me as being a familiar face at Fez and Bop; but let's get straight to the point:

My Main Ideas/Goals:

  • Central London is on our doorstep but we never seem to use it. I feel that a Froebel Summer Drinks in Central London, will allow us Froebelians to escapse the four walls of our campus for one night. Plus, some annual ice skating and theatre trips will allow Froebel to explore the beautiful city we have that is just sitting waiting for the black and white army to use.
  • A 'Pro-Zeebra' mentality should be present throughout our college. A negative stigma is often used on the boys of our college; however, we should appreciate all the achievements they have done and continue to make. At the end of the day, every Froebel student is a Zeebra. I think an Intra-Froebel Sports tournament/ Sports day, will allow for the boys and girls of Froebel a chance to unite as one.
  • With having close relationships with students Off Campus, I have gained an understanding that there is a general sense of exclusion from the main campus. Communication with Off-Campus students needs to improve. I would hold regular meetings with the elected Off-Campus Officer ensuring inclusion is present. Additionally, I think a 'Froebel Off Campus formal' will allow students to feel part of the college and have a night to remember! They will find this out through the NEW 'Off Campus Froebelians' Facebook Page
  • A 'Summer BBQ Night' will allow for us students to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, spend time with our nearest and dearests, and also have a chance to meet new people. In order to fund the evening, I would ask that students would pay a small fee of £4 to ensure costs are covered and that we can all have a chance to eat a nice, juicy burger.
  • After recieving feedback as a flat rep, it is clear that study abroad students feel that it can be hard to develop friendships, especially January intakes. A 'Froebel International Welcome Evening' in the portrait room, will allow ALL members of Froebel to meet the new internationals, giving them a true Froebel welcome.

I am ORGANISED, PASSIONATE, APPROACHABLE and COMPLETELY IN LOVE with our college. I will make it my absolute goal to make sure Froebel carry on smashing College cup with regular updates and announcements. I am currently a flat rep and will continue to be one next year, meaning, I will always be on campus to listen to any problems or queries you may have. I have a strong relationship with Simon and JB, and with the elected president, I will do everything in my power to achieve mine and YOUR goals.