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Froebel, are you down?

Hello Froebel, my name is Libby Brewster and for those of you who don’t know me I am the girl who has a snakebite in her hand 24/7. This past year and half at Roey has sure been a rollercoaster, with some pretty messy BOPs that if I could remember I would tell you about! I am running for deputy president of Froebel; a college I am truly passionate about and would do everything in my power to carry on its fantastic legacy. My aim is to make your Roehampton experience the best it can be and ensure the atmosphere of the college always stays positive!

Frobel has a strong family feel that has supported me tremendously, and I would love to give back to Froebel through a variety of ways -

Using highly successful aspects of our college, I want to make us even stronger and remove certain stigmas associated with Froebel by reminding everyone that through working together and supporting each other we are capable of far more. By collaborating with the the Zeebras football team I would like to organise charity matches played by girls – otherwise known as ‘the Zebrettes’ that would be managed and trained by members of the boys team in order to gain a different perspective on the term ‘Zeebra’s. We should be encouraged and motivated by their contribution to the college and look to what can be achieved together!

By listening to your ideas and views I am looking to create more social events such as potentially teaming up with southlands on Bonfire night for their firework display, creating more events/activities and get started on creating our own Froebel Cocktail to be served at The Union!

During my time here I have lived with some incredible people however I have noticed that integration between halls heavily depends on the flat rep you have and how sociable they are. To encourage more socialisation between students we need more opportunities to talk and meet people, as well as going out. A speed dating event to get know people and make friends would be a positive way to target this. Obviously this is awkward as many of us know how weird it is being drunk with 100’s of people you’ve never met before so why not break the ice faster? Other ideas, include a costume competition at bop and the best would get free entry the next week, some of us spend a lot of time on our costumes so why not be recognised for it?

I have many friends that live off campus, who have told me that they don’t feel there is enough for them socially and they would like to see more opportunities for them to socialise with fellow Froebelians. This is something I would look into further to support their views.

Froebel, you can 100% guarantee on me to take on this responsibility and give it everything I’ve got so the question is…..

FROEBEL – are you down?