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Hello Digby, my name is Jacob Okello and I am running for the position of Digby President. I’m currently in my second year of studying Media and Culture; halfway through my exciting journey at Roehampton. I can happily say that I have had the most enjoyable times of my life here. I have been through plenty of great experiences at Roehampton; from making it to the survivor’s photo at Summer Ball (rounding off an amazing first year) to not so good times, such as sober bops and library all-nighters (not ideal).

Throughout the past year, Digby Stuart students have had to be extremely patient; we have had to cope with both the normal stresses of university life and the current construction work on the new accommodation – all in all, living in Lee house has helped me to understand the stresses that we have to go through as students. Whilst it is sometimes stressful, the construction work is being done in an effort to improve our college life. Similar to this, my main aim will be to make your university experience as enjoyable as possible – I will make your voice stronger and more powerful in order to gain feedback on all issues, making it easier than ever before to work alongside your college team. I will also improve the level of communication between the students and the college team, such as releasing details of college and RSU meetings to Digby students in order to get everyone involved in college matters.


“With your support, I will restore the Digby pride and bring us together to become the best college once more.
— Jacob Okello


I believe that every student deserves to have an equally great experience at Roehampton, and to feel supported in both their education and other areas of their life. After speaking to several off-campus students, I have noticed an issue about their integration into campus life, which has been a running theme for several years now. I will try and resolve this issue by creating more social spaces and improving current college facilities for Digby students to use, which will benefit everyone. College spirit is something I am passionate about, and is one of the areas I will focus on as President. The College Cup has always been an integral part of college life, and I aim to bring it back into the spotlight to restore the Digby pride.

Digby Stuart has a winning formula, and whilst I realise that my improvement plans are bold, I am not looking to change any of the main aspects of the college. Instead, I will work alongside the rest of your college team in order to make any necessary changes and improvements.

I believe I will be a responsible role model, as well as being down to earth and open to anybody needing my help – my organisational skills and efficiency will allow me to prioritise the wellbeing of Digby students.  With your support, I will restore the Digby pride and bring us together to become the best college once more.

Thank you, 
Jacob Okello.