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My name is Michael Keohane, a second year Journalism and Creative Writing student and more commonly known as the guy with urine yellow hair. I am also running to be the president of this wonderful college next year and here are some reasons why.

                This year I have worked really hard to improve student life on both the Digby campus and University as a whole; that is why I became the vice chairperson of the Student Activities Committee this year at the RSU. This means that I have helped to run all RAG activities this past six months for the university and ensured that we have had more than ever before. I want to ensure there was an increase in the charity work and volunteering opportunities across the college and off campus; giving you invaluable experience and making your CV sparkle.

                I also this year have taken a seat at the student senate. This means I already have a working relationship with senior staff and am committed to make changes for the better of the students, including with accommodation as I did as the representative of M block in Elm Grove during our appeal. If elected as your President you can be rest assured that you will be well represented in meetings with senior management and that you’ll be kept in the loop about up and coming things.

                I’m sure that you are all aware that Digby has seen a huge increase in its population over the past year and with that has led to a decline in our college pride and community feel. I am committed to set up a team of students, some off campus mentors, some programme reps and some flat reps in various accommodations, to ensure that projects and events are run to initially group together the college in segments and then right through all together to make it a little less overwhelming for our new students and boost pride and community spirit.

                One of these projects, that I am exceptionally excited about is a cross departmental collective project, whereby groups are formed from different departments to create one common project, campaign or event. Check out my campaign to see how this can really work and why it won’t just make you proactive about your degree and give you work experience but also show future employers how adaptable and wonderful you all are.

                I am a hardworking and approachable guy, who is willing to listen to the students of this college and really work with the students to not only ensure their voice is heard but that their ideas can flourish. I would love to be the vessel in which can see Digby grow and establish itself truly once and for all as Roehampton’s best college.


I know we all have our favourites so even if you can’t vote for me as number one (although that would be lovely) please put me as number two. I won’t let you down!