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#avoteforTisavoteforU #Tia4digbyprez

My name is Tamiah Forbes, but I’m known as Tia I am 19 years old studying sociology and I want to be your first Digby-Stuart black female president. People tend to notice me for my warm smile and love for fashion- in my signature colourful bandannas and sliders. I have a deep routed love for the arts, such as theatre, music, fashion and interior design (well I enjoyed decorating my dorm room basically!) I have been a flat rep for the past year and I have loved it, helping people through the tough times and celebrating all the successes is honestly what I live for, coming to Roehampton and being a part of Digby, part of the pride has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am a big supporter of the lions and I want to get even more involved with the mighty ones who roaar. I am bubby, fun and I like to make the most out of every single day but I’m also passionate, dedicated and very serious about positive change. Electing me as your president would be electing someone who cares, someone who truly understands Digby is the best and wants Digby to be the best! I believe that a president should recognise that the wants and needs of the pride is the most important thing, if I am elected your president my job is making sure that Digby is only progressing and I keep a good report with all of you as you’re the important ones.

So, what am I going to bring?

More: fun, colour, character and laughter as well as….

  • A Digby section in the Roehampton App – to help off campus students stay connected, as well as on campus students.
  • More social space for Digby (we are the biggest college, lions need a big Den) –  I want to utilise the space in the old library
  • Compulsory sexual assault course (keep Digby safe)
  • Group counselling sessions for students who are on the waiting list to see a councillor
  • Masterclasses – every month, people can sign up to do a class in something their interested in
  • A female Digby football team
  • Smoking bins outside accommodation (why is this not a thing?!, let’s make it a thing)
  • More outdoor seating (bring back the benches in Elm Grove, new benches for Shaw and get seating for Bede)
  • More specific opening times for Digby Diner
  • Digby social nights off campus (some events being alcohol- free)
  • More social nights for our more mature Digby lions
  • More laundry services for Elm grove

You can trust in me to do my very best to be the best president I can be for you, which literally means a vote for me IS a vote for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my message to you.

Have a magical day

Love T x