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I study Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies


What’s your favourite thing about Roehampton?

– The library. I am kind of a bookworm and I worship any venue where I can find books, computers, silence, and coffee in the same place. Not to mention the movable shelves that scream “Hogwarts”!


Three things you want to achieve this year?

Transparency, sharing, organisation. I want the RSU and its officers to always be sensible, constructive, and attentive – and I will do everything in my power to make sure we run smoothly because every student deserves a representation of the best quality.


I will put special effort in making sure that everyone in the Student Council has a fair chance to express themselves and to realize their projects, and in promoting the RSU between students so they know we are here for them.


Communication is key: I will do all I can for creating connections between officers, sabbaticals, students, and members of staff, remaining a reliable point of reference for every one of them.


University can be really scary: my mission is to make people aware that we care for them and we are not giving up on them, even in the toughest of times.