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Your RSU Officers are here to represent you.

One of the easiest ways to voice your opinion is to start up a conversation with a member of your RSU Officer team. The RSU President, Vice President Education and Vice President Community & Welfare are elected students who work full-time at RSU to help you make Roehampton the best place it can be for every student.

They work alongside a team of 24 current students who are elected to their roles to represent groups of students. The RSU Part Time Officers and College Presidents and Deputies volunteer their time to tackle issues, gather student feedback and engage students in activities across the University. You can support the Officers by joining their Student Change Committees to work on issues that matter to you. Part Time Officers have role specific email addresses here, so let them know what’s going on and how they can support you, follow them on social media, and pop into the RSU Office to say hi!

Students Union Concil

Held monthly, the Students Union Council consists of all elected members of the Students’ Union, with an impartial chair who leads the discussions.

At SUC, those in attendance review policy and procedure as well as discussing amendments to governance. Although only elected members have a right to vote on issues it is an open opportunity for students to voice their opinions or voice their concerns.

You can find previous SUC minutes and officer updates here.

Student Change Committees

We are looking for students to be involved in supporting and directing the work of part time officers. These committees will help develop campaigns and scrutinise the work of elected officers. Additionally they will be the able to feed in key information to elected officers to take forward and help shape the RSU to improve their experience. Commitment is only a few hours a term and when you can make it. We are looking to set up committees in the following areas:

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BAME Students Committee

Digby Stuart Students Committee

Environmental Committee

Froebel Students Committee

Gender Equality Committee

Interfaith Committee

International Students Committee

LGBQ+ and Trans Students Committees

Mental Health Committee

Mount Clare Committee

Off Campus Committee

Postgraduate and Mature Students Committee

Southlands Students Committee

Sports Committee

Students with Caring Responsibilities Committee

Students with Disabilities Committee

Whitelands Committee