Held monthly, the Student Union Council consists of all elected members of the Students’ Union, with an impartial chair who leads the discussions.

At SUC, those in attendance review policy and procedure as well as discussing amendments to governance. Although only elected members have a right to vote on issues it is an open opportunity for students to voice their opinions or voice their concerns.

Your Sabbatical Team 2017/18


                         Jack De France

                         Students' Union President

Joanna Briggs

Vice President Education

Chuchu Nwagu

Vice President Community
and Welfare


Your College Presidents 2017/18

                                                                                     Jacob Okello - Digby College President Shaad Cherllapermal - Southlands College President Q Khrisha - Whitelands College President

George Walker

Froebel College


Michael Koehane

Digby Stuart College


Shay Patel

Southlands College


Michael Nieves

Whitelands College



Your Deputy College Presidents 2017/18 

Ross Teasedale - Froebel Deputy College President Nikisha Macbride - Deputy Digby Stuart President Thaniyah Miah - Deputy Southlands College President Newsha Hajiloo - Deputy Whitelands College President

Annabel Mary

Froebel College


Fizz Lawson

Digby Stuart College


Levi Mbiya

Southlands College


Shannon Hagland

Whitelands College



Your Part-Time Officers 2017/18



Lukas McCabe

Students with Disabilities


Christina Kjonigsen

Environmental Officer


Deqa Jama

Ethnic Equality Officer


Kat Walker

Gender Equality Officer




Emmanuel Carriere

LGBTQ+ Officer


Jacob Cooper-King

Inter-Faith Officer


Kitty Smith

Mental Health Officer


Kallel Hunter

Mount Clare Site Rep





Sport Roehampton 
President - Male


Jess Box

Sport Roehampton 
President - Female


Christina Gutierrez

International Officer


Naglaa Elbaz

Postgraduate Student Officer



Katie Richards

Off Campus Officer