Digby Stuart Deputy President

Digby Stuart Deputy President

Karoline Lindtner Stinessen

January Update '22

Wed 19 Jan 2022

Fundraising month!

I am fundraising for Centrepoint and Wandsworth

foodbank for all of January 2022. Since last meeting I

have spent most of my time planning this fundraiser and

the events for it This includes a bake-sale with donations

from students, Elior and The Hive Café, a karaoke on the

27th and we are in the planning of a sleepout on campus

to round up the month.

We have a donation link open and hope to raise £1000

that will go to youth homeless.


- Had meetings with students to create new Digby chants

- Baked and decorated for the bake-off

- Attended Froebel President Instagram live for his Isolation


- Attended some of the Christmas dinners across the


- Attended the student senate meeting 29.11.2021


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