RSU President

RSU President

Farrah Alice Black

January Update '22

Wed 19 Jan 2022

-I used some of my annual leave to extend my Christmas time off,

so I was off work for three weeks (so this update is shorter than


- We ran the S.H.A.G week campaign! We received really good

engagement and positive responses from students, both at our

workshops and the library stall.

- Began plans with PTO’s and Growhampton for a food diversity

and sustainability campaign for the 31st – 4th

- Completed the recruitment process and have now welcomed in

a new Societies co-ordinator who started last Monday. Been

working with him to develop manifesto plans I have for improving

the inclusivity of societies and supporting the arts and humanities

- Continued work on securing a funding increase from the university

for the Period Project to be able to source environmentally

sustainable sanitary pads from Green & Grace for the library and

all four college spaces

- Sat in meetings around development plans for Digby Square and

the Union Square, and exploring the possibility of an outdoor

theatre space on campus


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