Southlands College Deputy President

Southlands College Deputy President

Kshiteej Avinash Nimbalkar

Hello, my name is Kshiteej Nimbalkar, and I am honoured to serve as the Southlands Deputy President for the academic year 2024/25. Currently, I am in my second year of studying International Business. My interests lie heavily in sports, particularly football and badminton. As an avid sports enthusiast, I am dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community at Southlands College, where students can engage in various athletic and cultural activities. I look forward to working with all of you to make this academic year exciting and enriching for everyone.


Three Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I am also a Roehampton's Badminton Captain!
  2. Cultural Explorer: I love learning about different cultures and traditions. This curiosity has led me to explore various cultural festivals and events, both locally and internationally.
  3. I am a travel freak!


What is something you are most looking forward to this year being an RSU Officer?

I am most looking forward to creating and participating in events that bring our student community closer together. Whether it's organizing sports tournaments, cultural exchanges, or enhancing campus facilities, I am excited about the opportunity to make a tangible impact on student life. Building a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive environment at Southlands College is my top priority, and I can't wait to see the positive changes we can achieve together.

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