Candidate for the position of Whitelands College President

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Yasamin Mehrasa

Everyone says nothing is perfect, and I agree to that. But who says we cannot make it perfect?

I believe we are all proud of studying whatever we are doing, as we have worked hard to reach it. Besides, we wish to make this student experience as amazing and as unforgettable as we possibly we can! It is obvious that our student life is somehow integerated to our future career. Hence, it is important for us all to feel comfortable, confident, and HAPPY for where we are spending our time; both for studying and living.

I am a second year Biomedical student, and I am familiar with all the ins and outs of Whiteland's college. After spending nearly two years there, I have come up with some ideas and initiatives to make our residential and study space a better place to be in. I would like to draw your attention to a few developing points that I am so eager to build on in Whiteland's : 

1- Arrenging focus groups: I want to be your voice! as I have always tried to be and will continue to be. From my perspective, it is important for all students to have the opportunity to freely talk and speak out their mind. Thereby, I would like to introduce free discussion sessions, where all students from Whiteland's college, including people only studying there, and the ones living there, will have the chance to raise any concerns, should they have any, in a safe and friendly atmosphere. 

2- Study space for everyone: Last year, I posted the idea regarding the study space in Whiteland's college in addition to the current computer room that we have. I would like to build on my idea with new initiatives and manage to get it done in the next year.

3- Improve accomodation services: Whiteland's residents, have raised some issues, poor wifi reception for example, which I believe university should be informed about and get it sorted. I would like to have the opportunity to be your delegate and relay on your messages while also pushing it to be done!

4- Introducing community breakfast: Why not meeting new people from our college, or even other colleges, for a morning coffee/tea? I support the diversity of our students and staff on campus. Therefore, from where I can see it would be great to have a medium where you can increase your network of friends and share your experiences with one another. 

5- Renovating campus facilities: There are couple of amenities on campus that need to be either extended or refurbished. Lack of lights, for example, can be problematic for resident students. More lights, more safety. Additionally, diner's chairs and tables need refurbishment. Nonetheless, I would like to hear your opinions and if needed I am ready to chase them up! 

All in all, I want to point out to my slogen, and tell you my friends that we can make our college perfect if we work hard for it.