Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

Image for Theviya Karunaharan

Theviya Karunaharan

Rebuilding a safe community

With my rain as LGBT officer this year, I would still like to continue, rebuilding this universities community. I make sure that people feel as safe as possible within this university community as well as being able to make new friends. 


I would like to put on more events on campus during the day time and events off campus. This could be to lgbtq+ museum exhibits or just for a bonding night out. This year I focused rebuilding a non-existent community. My goal for next year is to widen our connections by meeting up with other universities societies and collaborating with them. This year I focused on queeraoke which was a success! But there’s always more we can do??


Vote for me! Help rebuild the community and we can get more events in for next year ??