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Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

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Taryn Nicholson

Ah shit here we go again...Wait, I survived 2020, I can handle this ;)

I’m Taryn, A nonbinary (They/Them) 21-year-old to be MA Student. Anyone who saw my last manifesto knows I want the best for the LGBTQ+ Community at this University. So let's get started.

What are you voting for? A stubborn, outspoken, argumentative, co-operative queer. Experience in leading and representing our community. Pretty ace at hosting socials. Approachable, Outgoing, and eager to represent everyone. There’s not a fight I won't start or a fire I won’t put out. I'm also keen on a good time, so count on a lot of social events to suit everybody. 

What can I do for you as your LGBTQ+ Officer?

  • My Committee as Officer will cover every part of LGBTQ+. I want to recruit an Aro/Ace/demi rep, a bisexual/pansexual rep, and a queer rep. We’re all so different, but united by LGBTQ+, and to both notice and represent these differences I want to build a team that supports you on an individual and communal basis.
  • Work with Wellbeing, the Mental Health PTO, and the Chaplaincy team to make sure all students feel safe, secure, and supported during their studies here. To continue developing and creating safe spaces across the University; virtually and physically.
  • Continue from the amazing work Samuel Laughton (our current officer) has started. The mentorship program is a step in the right direction to making those new to their sexuality/identity, those who feel isolated, or even those worried about coming out integrate into the LGBTQ+ Student Community.
  • Joint Social Media presence with the new Trans Student Officer (with their consent of course<3). Collaboration has brought the world together in so many ways. Let’s have all your LGBTQ+ Updates in one space while being able to contact both your Officers on a one-to-one basis.
  • The rest of my role will be dedicated to your voices and the fights you want to see me pick. That’s what’s key here. You’ll be voting me in to represent you, so I want to see you in my inbox, on the emails, or calling me to say, “Hey I want you to go solve x, y, z” and you can bet your degree I’ll go and do it. Bi-weekly polls, open forums, and meetings will be how I hear your voices and do what needs to be done to better your time here.

As the LGBTQ+ community, we didn’t start the fire. We threw petrol on it and made sure we were acknowledged, safe, and respected in this society. Let me do the same as your next LGBTQ+ Officer (DISCLAIMER: I will not commit actual arson) ??.