The Office of the Independent Adjudicator

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) was set up as an independent body to investigate student complaints. 

Anyone registered as a student, or within twelve months of the completion of study, can submit a complaint - so long as all University procedures have been exhausted.

What does the OIA do?

The OIA will hear complaints about a wide range of issues where a University has failed to act or has made an omission.

These could include or to be to do with:

  • Any final decision of the university

  • A service provided by the university

  • Teaching and facilities

  • Student accommodation

  • Research supervision,

  • Welfare, discrimination, bullying and harassment

  • Placements

  • Maladministration

  • Procedural irregularities

  • Unfair practices

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Fitness to Practice issues.


What can the OIA not do?

The OIA cannot look at concerns involving:

  • Admissions

  • Academic judgment

  • Student employment

  • Matters which a court or tribunal have already ruled on.


For more information on complaints that the OIA can and cannot look at, please click here.

What can the RSU do?

Our Adviser can offer support to students presenting a complaint to the OIA.

You must have completed all stages of the University's complaints or appeals procedures before you can approach the OIA and be able to prove this through a letter of completion from the university.) 

The Advice Service can help you prepare an application to the Independent Adjudicator even if we have not been involved in your case up to that point.

If you would like to contact an advisor, please email: