Mitigating Circumstances

Are issues outside of your control negatively affecting your studies?

Maybe this has, or might, lead you to miss your deadlines or not be able to perform to the best of your ability?


If your answer is yes to these questions:

  • You should consider submitting a mitigating circumstances form (which can be done via the Mitigating Circumstances Portal via MyZone, and printed and handed to your Department Office).

  • Your form will be treated in confidence and is your way of informing the University that your performance is not to the standard that it would be without experiencing these difficulties.

  • Requests should be submitted at the earliest opportunity, the latest being 2 days before assessment deadlines. Generally, requests will not be considered retrospectively however, all cases will be treated on an individual basis.


What can the RSU do?

  • Discuss your circumstances with you in confidence in a person, over the telephone or via email

  • Help you put together a statement

  • Give advice on gathering your supporting evidence 

  • Support you through the process

For more information regarding the University's Mitigating Circumstances Policy, please click here
If you would like to contact an advisor, please email: