Volunteering can take many forms and be done for many reasons. Here at Roehampton we encourage every student to volunteer in order to make a social change and develop valuable skills at the same time.

Here at Roehampton Students' Union, we're here to support you in any way we can. We help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity to suit your aims and passions and we help you understand what skills you are developing and how this makes you more employable after University.

The benefits of volunteering are plentiful, you get to meet new people, gain new experiences, give back to the community and develop essential skills for the future. Increasingly employers are looking beyond academic achievement so what better way to stand out from the crowd then volunteer.

Our projects come in all shapes and sizes to suit all your time options and interests. We have micro volunteering if you are short of time, we have one off opportunitites for those who cannot commit to a schedule, we have regular projects so you can volunteer on a regular basis, we have student led projects where you and friends can develop and design your own projects and with our help make it happen and finally we have options to volunteer abroad.

Interested? Be sure to have a look at our current opportunities and express you interest. If you have any questions or ideas please contact sergei.wicking@roehampton.ac.uk.


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