82 percent of employers are more likely to choose a candidate with volunteering experience
Deloitte Impact Survey 2016


Here  at Roehampton, we are very proud of our campus and local community. Therefore we encorage all students to get involved in volunteering - whether this is managing a sports team, helping our on Freshers Week or working on one of our local community projects. Read below to find out more. 


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Volunteering is a fantastic way to get involved with the local community, gain new skills for your future job and enjoy a different social aspect outside of your day to day university degree. We are very proud of our campus and South London community, and encorage students to volunteer in one way or another while studying. 

Our growing range of opportunities gives you the chance to be a driving force in the University and SU community. If your ever wanted to make a difference but weren’t sure how to, or what opportunities are available follow the links below.

As a volunteer you can meet other students, and have the chance to develop skills in leadership, teamwork and communication. Not impressed yet? Well volunteering at Roehampton is reaching new heights, meaning you can log the hours you complete, within your chosen opportunity, achieve awards along the way and enhance your CV.

As well as searching for opportunities online, throughout the year we will be holding one-day events (such as local beach/park clean ups) to help make our mark on the local community.

Be part of someting bigger than yourself. Give back to your local community. Make a difference to someone’s life. Overcome your fears. Boost your career. Protect the environment. Gain new skills. Build your confidence. Experience London.

Interested? Be sure to have a look at our current opportunities and express your interest. If you have any questions or ideas please contact volunteering@roehampton.ac.uk . You can also join our Facebook page here

Want to volunteer abroad? Please get in contact to discuss your options and be sure to read LSE's Stop Orphanage Volunteering Pledge