Society Elections

Standing in Society Elections

Are you a Society member, ready to take the step into leadership?

As students graduate or leave Roehampton, Societies will need new leaders to continue delivering activities for their members.

For existing Societies, this is done through an election in which members can stand as a candidate and write a manifesto summarising their aims if elected - this is then put to vote to the members of the Society. 

On this page you can find information and guidance for your candidacy, alongside the portal to vote and key dates.


Whether you've led a Society before or are getting involved for the first time, we have a series of resources you can use to learn more about standing in election.

Please note: These are dated in-line with the Annual Society Committee Elections which took place in March 2022. 

Introduction to Society elections (for candidates) - Oppia
Standing in a Society election (for candidates) - PDF

Society Elections 2023

Society Elections 2023 is scheduled to take place in February - March, and you will be notified by the Activities Team when they are due to take place. 

How Voting Works

Here at Roehampton, we use a Single Transferable Voting system as we feel this is the most representative to our student body. 

Using a single transferable vote, you are able to select your candidates in order of preference, Ranking them from most to least favoured. Therefore, your voice is always represented no matter what happens.

You can find out more about how Single Transferable Voting works by watching the video below.