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See what Academic societies are on offer at Roehampton!

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Here at Roehampton, we have a variety of societies available for you to join. Including our Academic societies. 

Check out what is available below and see if there are any that you would like to get involved with. 

?? Anthropology Society

A fun way to engage with anthropology during the academic year, even if you are not an anthropology student, but enjoy learning about people, society, bones, archaeology, or even biology.


?? Business Society

This society's mission is to establish a baseline for anyone who wants to enter the business world and learn more can.  In doing so, we plan to have guest speakers, recruiters, courses, and more so that every student feels they can join a community with a benefit.



?? Film Society

An inclusive place that gathers people to share interest in cinema and have fun! Expect free screenings, themed parties, game nights (quizzes, trivia, blind-test, etc.), and film-related visits. The membership is £4 and it covers the majority of our events. Everyone from any age, degree, and background is welcome.


?? Historical & Classical Society

A society dedicated to providing an exciting space to learn about the past, from quiz nights to artefact handling and their famous Toga party, they have an event for everyone. They work closely with the local community, previously hosting a donation drive for the Wandsworth food-bank.


?? Law Society

Offering a wide range of academic, social and networking events to both Law and Non- Law students. Events such as the annual Law Fair, mooting competitions and the Law Ball will give you the opportunity to kickstart your career. 


?? Nutrition and Health Society

This society has goals to: Create an open, safe community within University of Roehampton where staff and students can learn and discuss health and nutrition together, build-on and improve the catering options on Whitelands Campus, facilitate volunteering and charity days both on and off campus and more!



?? Roehampton Technology Society

Aims to enhance its member's knowledge of varying technologies and techniques used today. Including open discussions on old and new methods of applying technology, along with educational sessions to bring to light useful tools that members may wish to use. Coding and ethical hacking competitions provide members the ability to network, while guest speakers give members a glimpse into different industries.


?? UR Writing Society

Giving writers the opportunity to share work and receive help in a positive environment. Encouraging writers to explore all forms and genres of writing with their prompts and warm-up exercises!


For more information on ALL societies, head HERE