What have the SABBs achieved so far?

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RSU Elections 2019

What the SABBs have achieved so far…


Do you want to run for a Sabbatical Officer role in Elections this year? Or are you unaware of the types of things a Sabb actually does and it’s stopping you nominating yourself?

Well, wonder no more, we’ve gathered a list of awesome things that our 2018/19 Sabbs, Chuchu, Liam and George, have done so far this year. (And we’re proud to say, they’ve achieved a lot!)



Liam is our Vice-President of Education. This role has the specific responsibility for pursuing the academic interests of students here at Roehampton.

So far this year, Liam has:

  1. Confirmed with the University that Wednesday Afternoons are kept free of lectures – (in 1st term only 3 undergraduate lecturers were on a Wednesday afternoon!)
  2. Co-Led Programme Rep training to over 200 reps.
  3. Lobbied the University and secured 24h access opening hours at Library over Easter submissions!
  4. With the Student Voice team, has recruited 10 department reps (one for each department) for the first time - compared to last year there only being 3!
  5. Ran three successful Postgraduate and Mature student events (planning the fourth for spring term) – overall, approximately 50 postgrad and mature students have engaged with the RSU because of these events.
  6. Has lobbied the University and ensured that all Departments have scheduled revision sessions before exams.
  7. Supported Academic Societies – such as linking up Photography Society and Photography Department to open more opportunities.



George is our Vice-President Community and Welfare. This role has the specific responsibility for pursuing the welfare interests of students at Roehampton.

So far, George has:

  1. Organised and ran Mental Health Awareness Day with Wellbeing, Chaplaincy, Disabilities and Mental Health Network. George, with the RSU, collaborated with the University and released Ask Twice video which had over 10,000 views.
  2. Collaboratively ran the first ever Transition Week for students with disabilities and international students. RSU ran an introduction session to students with disabilities.
  3. RSU started offering free condoms through C-card service and over 70 students signed up – the RSU has given out over 600 free condoms
  4. Supported the Environmental Officer Matthew to run Little Green Festival, which consisted of 6 events. George presented the campaign with Matthew at Manchester Sustainability Conference.
  5. Supported the RSU Trans Officer to run Trans Awareness Week
  6. Reformed the college cup committee and put on two College Cup events in first term – ‘Gladiator’ event and a ‘Bake Off’ event.
  7. Supported the Safer Roehampton Intern Isobel with the ‘Raise a G.L.A.S.S’ campaign.
  8. Facilitated the creation of the flat rep training week, where 200 students received flat rep training, and was the lead instructor of the workshop on ‘creating a cohesive flat’.



Chuchu is our RSU President. The President is the lead elected representative of the Roehampton Students’ Union to the university, NUS, affiliates and external bodies.

So far, Chuchu has:

  1. Organised the BAME Conference in collaboration with RSU BAME Officer Dre – which hosted 4 speakers, including Jamaal Edwards.
  2. At BAME Conference, signed up 7 students as BAME Ambassadors, who will be engaging in activities and projects to bridge the attainment gap.
  3. Helped the RSU and the University establish a separate disciplinary procedure for sexual assault – (before, the sensitive topics were put through the same procedure as all other matters.)
  4. With the RSU, suggested that the Student Wellbeing Officers receive more comprehensive training on trans support for students – all four SWO’s have now received training.
  5. Lobbied for the University to change their Regulations to state that both Sabbatical Officers and RSU staff could accompany students in Disciplinary Hearings, whereas before this was ‘any student’. RSU staff are able to provide specialist knowledge and support to students with complex disciplinary hearing cases.
  6. Is having ongoing discussions with the University around Graduation cost and the RSU is lobbying for the University to subsidise the cost.
  7. Continued to champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and is working on establishing the Race Equality Charter with the University, which will provide the University the basis to actively work to improve issues around race that staff and students face at Roehampton.


As you can see, our Sabbatical Officers have been working hard to ensure that the experience of Roehampton students here improves.

If this little taster of what this job entails has enthralled you in any way, then be sure to nominate yourself in the RSU Elections! We can’t wait to work with you!


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