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We at the RSU have recently created a little series of events that have resonated immediately with a number of our students – with the first two of these events both selling out in less than 24 hours.

            We are, of course, talking about our newly created ‘Theatre Tuesdays,’ whereby we book out a load of tickets for a fantastic show just for you guys! Our first show, which was a tester for the whole event idea, was “The Lion King” and was quite the success.

            Every ticket was sold out within a single day and when we managed to bring in an extra 20 tickets, they sold out immediately too. There were no issues on the night at all, with students making their way to the Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden and taking their rather excellent stall seats (for only £33.50!) with excitement and eagerness.

            The show then started and all of our attendees were completely taken by the sheer awesomeness of it all. Many, including myself, shed a tear on more than one occasion as elephants swayed down the aisles right next to us, Timone and Pumba were brought spectacularly to life by actors and puppetry and we were all reminded of our childhoods watching the Disney film when THAT heart-breaking moment came along.
            After the show, all those who went were keen to grab a ticket for the next show, as were those who didn’t attend “The Lion King.” After all, it’s amazing seats, amazing shows, amazing prices and amazing experiences – so what more can you ask for?
            Our next show is another Disney extravaganza in “Aladdin.” Due to its popularity, we only managed to get 20 tickets for “Aladdin,” which sold out within 12 hours. We’ve had plenty of people asking if we’ll get more tickets and while we are trying to, it might be that we are unable to.
            But fear not theatregoers! “Aladdin” is the second of our Theatre Tuesday events and will not be the last. We are hoping for possibly one a month after Christmas and there are plenty of West End shows to choose from! Perhaps we can do “Aladdin” again, if you guys so wish!
            That’s the important part here; we want you guys to help us choose the shows. You choose, we’ll organise and we’ll both enjoy. Take a look through the 10-strong shortlist below and see if any make your eyes widen like it does ours!

“Mamma Mia!”

“Bat Out of Hell”

“Les Miserables”

“Phantom of the Opera”


“Kinky Boots”

“School of Rock”


“Book of Mormon”


Tweet us, Facebook us, message us – just tell us which shows you’d like to go!


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