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We had sooo much fun this year and we can't wait for everyone to come back next year!

We're still here all summer so if you have any questions feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook!
No that you're here why not check out our top 5 events of the year?

On of our keenest students, Natasha Georgia Cellupica-Towers, shares her TOP 5 events in Roehampton! 

5. Christmas Nights Out

Kicking the list off with Christmas celebrations, Christmas Bop and Grand are clearly the places to be. Its always so full and everyone is always in such a Christmassy spirit. Santa hats and get a mix of fake tan and fake snow result in a cocktail of festive goodness. 



4. Jailbreak

Hats off to the people that do Jailbreak and Lost. Its a huge challenge but the rewards are just as big. Participant or not, it’s so exciting to stay up-to-date live on the RSU website and where everyone has got to. For me, these are on the To Do list. 



3. Puppy Room

OK this one might be for the animal lovers. But if you are, and you’ve been… it’s heaven. As one of  those people that basically chase puppies down the street, sitting on a beanbag surrounded by them is me pretty much 100% happy. It always comes at such an ideal time when stress level are super high, but those little puppy eyes just make it all melt away. 



2. Varsity

Even if you’re not in a sports team. ALWAYS go to Varsity. Always. Home or away, get into the Roehampton spirit, cheer on the team and bring home the bacon. (Or tofu). The night out at the end is never a let down, whether celebrating or dancing your sorrows away. 



Let’s be honest, the whole academic year is basically a countdown to Summer Ball. Big headliners,  brand new artists and enough to drink to last you the whole summer. Summer Ball is surely the Number 1 on every Roehampton student’s list? Despite the rain last year, drinks + friends + fairground rides, topped off with a bit of Tine Tempah started my summer off the way I intended it to go on. You won’t forget it, or regret it. 





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