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"Do you do student discount?"

Making the most of your student discount.

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Heading back to university?

You may have noticed that everything has got a little expensive recently due to national cost of living situation. 

Here's some places that you can maximise your student discount using all of the student discount providers available to you.


Getting ready for classes

  • Apple are currently offering educational discount on apple products at 10% discount, this includes Mac's & Ipads.
  • Microsoft are offering a massive 40% discount and further discounts if you trade in your old laptop (sustainability win)



  • Domino's the absolute MVP is offering 35% off their pizza with student discount. Also, look out for the amazing offers they give you in September at Freshers Fair including free pizza.
  • YoSushi, Bills, Zizzi & Fridays (TGI) are all offering 20%
  • If you are really boujee but not on a boujee budget M&S also offer 25% off on their "on the move" range.

Health & Fitness

Heading back to the gym? Have you checked out the gym on site, its great!

  • Nike offer 10% off their full range.
  • Adidas are currently offering 35% off!
  • MyVitamins are offering 55% off.


These are just some of the amazing offers that being a student gives you. Our top tip is never be afraid to ask if a place takes student discounts as sometimes it's not obvious and you could end up saving lots!

We reccommend you download the following. 






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