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Meet your resident DJ's - Rodz

Find Rodz at BOP and events across the year.

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Rodz the resident DJ

Introduce yourself

My name’s Nzayi Rodrick, everyone calls me Rodz. I'm an alumni, DJ, engineer and producer. I studied drama and I have been a resident DJ at Roehampton since 2015. 

What’s your fav genre right now?

I love music so there’s many genres I’m listening to right now, but R&B is my favourite. 

Who’s been your fav artist that you’ve supported?

That's a tough one. As of recently, Fuse ODG! You had to be there. 

What’s been your fav gig?

Friday nights in The Union at BOP.

What excites you about playing here at Roehampton?

Seeing current and new students excites me because they encourage me to challenge myself and to be on top of my game. You never know who’s first time it is at an event. I also get to know them and together make nights that they’ll remember (I hope).

What can students expect from your sets?

A lot of dancing, thrills and tricks throughout. Just imagine a Boiler Room set or a house party, that’s the vibe you’re going to get from me but with a twist. I’ll be playing the hottest songs out along with throwback anthems and sing-alongs.

You can find Rodz at our nights across the year!


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