Lost is here!

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The first major RAG event of the year is beginning to kick into action – LOST is almost here.

Lost, the Yin to Jailbreak’s Yang, is one of RAG’s flagship events, involving students, perseverance, adaptability, wiliness and a place in the UK which is so remote we are sure spawned the phrase ‘in the middle of nowhere.’

            Last year, 25 students took part in the event and were dropped off in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. The location, which is 147 miles over three hours away from Roehampton was kept a complete secret to those taking part and was only revealed until they arrived there themselves.

            This year, the location will be kept just as much as a tight-lipped secret so students taking part may find themselves on an accidental visit to anywhere from Penzance in Cornwall to John o’Groats in Caithness, the far north of Scotland.

            Lost takes place on the 25th November where students will be taken to the secret location, dropped off and left to their own devices to journey back to base – the RSU. To sign up and get your tickets, follow the link below:



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