Levelled Up

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Level Up took over Froebel Lawn and Grove House last week – and we are so proud of the results. Sergei Wicking, our bearded Volunteering & Skills Coordinator, led a fantastic week’s worth of events, talks, workshops and guest speakers. From Google to the Escape Room, we thought it was pretty great.

            The week kicked off with Sophie Bryan, who gave insightful talks into the definition of leadership, how to communicate effectively, and how to find and keep your confidence! Then came the inimitable Kiko Matthews, who delivered a key-note talk on leading through set backs. It was an inspiring start to the week and our students loved Kiko and Sophie.

            Tuesday came round fast, bringing key-note speaker Amy Hanson with – who delivered a talk on how leaders create social change. We also had workshops on achieving your vision, how leaders lead and how famous leaders communicate.

            Wednesday was perhaps the highlight of the week, with Google (yep, Google) coming to deliver a digital skills training platform that everyone (students and staff alike) absolutely loved. This inspiration session was continued when Dhillan Bhardwaj , owner of Ratchet Clothing and millionaire at 16, gave an encouraging, down-to-earth talk about how everyone and anyone can lead.

            Thursday was a triumph, too, with Jacqueline Onalo treating us to an amazing workshop and talk about becoming a leader. This came after a fun day of our on-campus Escape Room. Team RSU set the time to beat with 17 minutes and four second and we are very pleased to say that no one beat us! Maybe you could try again next year? Apologies if we sound smug, we’re pretty proud of ourselves – we were quite literally clueless for ten minutes.

            Friday was a nice, chilled closing day for a busy, busy week for both our students attending sessions and our staff and guest-speakers giving them. Our Recharge Zone was in full use as those who came to any session enjoyed a free lunch!

            It was a busy week, but a successful one! Join us in giving Sergei one more big thank you after all his hard-work paid off with a great, uber-inspiring week. Level complete.



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