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If you want RSU to enact change on a specific issue, you can submit an Idea online at

Once the idea is submitted you have two weeks to campaign, if 85 students vote on the issue, it becomes RSU policy. It’s up to your elected officers to carry out your Idea.

An Idea can ask RSU to:

· change RSU-specific policy

· lobby the University to change University-specific policy

·campaign on a local, national or international issue

 The following Ideas are the most recent to be passed by students:


"Laundry for Elm Grove" – RSU policy is now to lobby the University to improve the laundry facilities for Elm Grove Hall. The President, Vice President of Community & Welfare, the Digby Stuart College and Deputy College Presidents are now lobbying the University to either provide a laundry facility in Elm Grove, or find a suitable alternative. We have raised the issue with University senior management, those in charge of accommodation, as well as at several University staff meetings. We will continue to update you on our progress.


"All Programmes should have Recorded Lectures" – RSU policy is now to lobby the University to provide students with recordings of their lectures. The Vice President of Education included this in the Programme Rep training, equipping Reps with the knowledge and tactics to convince the academic departments. University senior management are on board with this, its now a case of lobbying the academic departments.


"Selling RSU tickets online" – RSU policy is now to sell tickets online. Tickets will be sold online as soon as RSU has the technical capability, which will be some time over the next few weeks.


"Abolish the tampon tax on the on-campus shop" [did not reach enough votes, however the Students’ Union Council decided to vote and approve the policy] – RSU policy is now to lobby the University to abolish the tampon tax on-campus. The Gender Equality Officer and supporting students are looking into how other universities do this, so that RSU can present a proposal to the University.


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