How To be a Summer Ball Survivor

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If there’s one photo to be in at Roehampton, it’s the Survivors’ Photo. Taken at the end of each Summer Ball, this legendary annual photo is a celebration of the hard-core Summer Ballers, and its much-anticipated release is a summer highlight. Want to be part of the fun? Here’s how...


Pace yourself

We don’t do things by halves, and Summer Ball is no exception - it’s a long event! Starting at 1pm, the daytime portion will end at 5pm, giving you a few hours to relax and prepare for the night-time section, which starts at 7.30pm and ends with the photo at 4.45am. Make sure you don’t go in too hard straight away, as there are loads to experience throughout the two parts. Relax, take it easy and chill out.


Use the Chill-Out Room

It’s there to be used, so if you need a little time-out (or a sneaky tactical nap) don’t be afraid to go to the Chill-Out Room. A member of RSU staff will be there at all times, on hand to give a little support or just be there when you need a friendly face.


Eat loads

From pizzas to crepes, via loaded fries and wraps, there is a variable feast of food on offer at Summer Ball, so don’t forget to make the most of it. Take breaks from dancing and singing in the Silent Social tent to grab a bite to eat - refueling will give you more energy and will keep you moving for longer.


Drink lots

...of water! Staying hydrated throughout Summer Ball is a sure-fire way to improve your chances of making it to the Survivors’ Photo. Buy a bottle of water from the bar, head to the free water station or even better, bring your own empty reusable bottle and ask for it to be refilled - don’t use unnecessary plastic.


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