Hello wonderful students!

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Hello wonderful students!


All of us up here at the Students’ Union hope you’re having (and will continue to have!) a wonderful time! We’ve certainly enjoyed welcoming a sea of friendly new faces onto our campus for the week. Whether it was relaxing on the bean bags, playing arcade games, eating tasty treats or sipping delicious drinks there was something for everyone at Fresher's Village on Froebel Lawn.


A lot of work and effort from us, as well as student volunteers, has gone into making our week’s events a success! We’re proud we got to showcase our classic nights out, BOP, Grand and Thirsty Thursdays and loved seeing everyone have a great time at Thorpe Park and Fresher’s Fest! The big finale, on Saturday, is just round the corner… more excitement to come!


Join a society, meet new people and get involved with the Students’ Union! We’re great fun! I highly recommend you joining in with anything (or everything!) we do!
One last tip to make the most of being a student: buy an NUS Extra card! They’re only £12, you can buy them from our RSU reception, you get access to hundreds of discounts (including 10% off from Co-op and we have one just down the road from us so you’ll make your money back in no time!)


Welcome to Roehampton you perfect people!


Much love,


Jack De France

President of the Roehampton Students’ Union


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