Get ready for Summer Ball

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1. Plan your outfits!! For some, the best part, for others, the worst. There’s no dress code for our daytime events! So make sure you’re comfortable and ready for any kind of weather. This is England after all.  It’s dress to impress in the evening so get your glad rags on!


2.  Get familiar with some of the artist’s tracks! Nobody knows EVERY Wiley song right? Keep Spotify open and get learning those lyrics so you can sing your heart out on the day!


3. Grab some cash the day before! The usual cash points on campus will be available, but they’ll be in high demand so grab some cash in advance to make sure you’re covered.


4.  Keep your ticket safe! There are no replacements or refunds for lost tickets, and you’re going to need your ticket AND your student ID for your entry. So keep it all safe and sound so there’s nothing to worry about!


5. Have your £££ ready to buy your drink wristbands! It’s probably a good idea to grab them when you arrive so they’re on your wrist and ready when you are! 



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